What Size are My Tesla Model S Lug Nuts?

If you’re a proud owner of the sleek and stylish Tesla Model S, you know that its futuristic design and technology make it stand out from other electric vehicles. But like any car, you’ll need to change a flat tire or replace your tires eventually. To do that, you’ll need to know the lug nut size and torque specs for your Tesla Model S lug nuts.

The Tesla Model S lug nuts are M14x1.5mm. This is the size you’ll need for both the front and rear wheels. The proper socket size to remove and install the lug nuts is 21mm. It’s crucial to use the right socket size – using one that’s too small can round off the nuts, while too large can strip them.

For torque, Tesla recommends tightening the lug nuts to 129 lb-ft. Do not exceed 140 lb-ft of torque, as this risks damaging the bolts or wheels. Using a properly calibrated torque wrench is highly recommended when installing the lug nuts, rather than relying on muscle power alone. Overtorquing or undertorquing lug nuts can lead to a host of issues like wheel vibrations, loosening lug nuts, or warped rotors.

Why are proper lug nut torque specs so important on a Tesla Model S? There are a few key reasons:

  • Weight of the battery pack – The battery pack adds significant weight to the Tesla. With more mass, greater torque is required for wheel security.
  • Materials used – Tesla utilizes lightweight alloy wheels and wheel hubs. These are more prone to damage from improper torque.
  • Regenerative braking forces – The regenerative braking system places additional stress on the wheel hubs during deceleration. Lug nuts must be tightened adequately to handle these forces.
  • Unique lug nut design – Tesla lug nuts have a cone-shaped tapered seat. This requires precise torque so the taper seats securely on the wheel hub.

While you can purchase replacement OEM Tesla lug nuts, many aftermarket options are available and can save on cost. We’ve found BONOSS to be a leading brand for aftermarket Tesla lug nuts and lug nut covers. Their lug nuts meet Tesla’s specs precisely.

Best Tesla Model S Lug Nuts for sale

BONOSS Tesla Model S lug nuts are made from hardened steel for durability. They provide a smooth seat and taper contact to safely secure your Tesla’s wheels.  This makes them much easier to install and remove than the stock Tesla lug nuts while still providing excellent clamping force.

Knowing the proper lug nut size, torque values, and using quality aftermarket nuts like BONOSS helps ensure safe installation and peace of mind.