When upgrading your Subaru Forester’s wheels, you’ll come across the choice between standard steel lug nuts, lightweight aluminum alloy nuts, or premium titanium lug nuts. While titanium Subaru Forester lug nuts can cost $50 or more per piece, some feel their benefits warrant the price for certain Subaru Forester owners. In this article, we’ll compare titanium to other nut materials to see if they’re a smart investment for your Forester.

Are titanium Subaru Forester lug nuts worth it?

Subaru Forester Lug Nuts: Titanium vs Steel and Aluminum Alloy

Steel Nuts: The factory lug nuts on most Subaru Foresters are made of chromed steel. Steel offers durability and security at a budget-friendly price of around $8-15 per nut. But steel is also the heaviest of the three nut materials. Expect a weight of around 0.65-0.75 lbs per nut, adding unwanted unsprung mass to your wheels. Weather exposure can lead steel nuts to show rust over time as well.

Aluminum Alloy Nuts: At about one-third the weight of steel, aluminum alloy nuts weigh in around 0.25 lbs per piece. This lessens load on the wheels and suspension. Brands like BONOSS supply aluminum alloy lug nuts specifically engineered for Subaru fitments, though the aluminum can be more prone to stripping or rounding off compared to steel. The cost is similar to steel nuts at $10-20 each.

Titanium lug nuts: Weighing 40% less than steel, titanium lug nuts offer the lightest weight option at approximately 0.4 lbs per nut. Titanium also boasts tremendous tensile strength – rated up to 180,000 PSI of shear strength, comparable to steel. Being highly corrosion-resistant, titanium lug nuts maintain a polished, factory-fresh look. These benefits come at a steep price though, with titanium lug nuts ranging from $50-90+ per piece.

Why BONOSS Titanium Subaru Forester lug nuts Are Worth It?

Beauty – A set of polished or color-anodized titanium lug nuts gives the Forester a custom, tuner-inspired look that stands out. The exotic design matches nicely with upgraded wheels and paintwork.

Durability – The exceptional tensile strength and corrosion resistance allows titanium lug nuts to withstand extreme driving conditions while still looking great. BONOSS titanium lug nuts carry a 10-year warranty.

Security – BONOSS engineers their titanium lug nuts with specialty shapes and thread designs to prevent theft. The hardness still allows key and lock options as well.

Precision Fit – CNC-machined titanium creates an exact OEM thread match and proper seat shape for reliable fastening power on the Forester’s studs and wheels.

For Forester owners interested in maximizing performance, appearance, and security while upgrading to lighter wheels, paying extra for quality titanium lug nuts makes sense. Brands like BONOSS precision-engineer their titanium lug nuts specifically for proper fitment and safety on Subarus like the Forester. Drivers report they are well worth the investment for daily and spirited driving.