Are Toyota Hilux Wheel Spacers Safe for 4x4?

If you own a Toyota Hilux and want to fit bigger tires or wider track, you may be considering Toyota Hilux wheel spacers. Wheel spacers help push the wheels further out from the wheel hub, allowing you to fit larger tires or achieve a wider stance. However, there are some important safety considerations when using wheel spacers on a 4×4 vehicle like the Hilux. In this post, we’ll explore whether Toyota Hilux wheel spacers are safe and what size spacers are recommended.

Do Toyota Hilux Wheel Spacers Affect the Truck?

Toyota Hilux wheel spacers will not affect the truck if you utilize genuine quality wheel spacers. Meanwhile, you ought to select spacers fit to your bolt pattern and install them according to the guide. And then you can enjoy the improvement of handling.

  • They can give your car a more aggressive and sporty look by filling the wheel arches and creating a flush appearance.
  • They can improve the brake clearance and prevent rubbing issues by creating more space between the wheel and the caliper.
  • They can correct the offset of aftermarket wheels and make them fit better on your car.
  • They can increase the cornering performance and stability of your car by widening the stance and lowering the center of gravity.
  • They can reduce the unsprung weight of your car by replacing the heavy stock bolts with lighter ones.

What Size Toyota Hilux Wheel Spacers Are Safe?

Most experts recommend keeping Toyota Hilux wheel spacers to 50mm or less. Here are some general size guidelines.

  • 25-35mm – Best for fitting slightly larger tires while minimizing geometry changes.
  • 35-50mm – Maximum for retaining safe handling, depending on lift height.
  • Over 50mm – Not recommended as it significantly alters geometry and strains components.

The acceptable spacer size also depends on whether you have a lifted Hilux or not. If your Hilux is stock height, stick to 25-35mm spacers. For lifted Hilux’s with over 2 inches of lift, you can usually fit up to 50mm spacers safely.

It’s also crucial wheel spacers are hub-centric to avoid vibration and wheel nuts coming loose. High quality spacers designed specifically for your Hilux are recommended.

Which Toyota Hilux Wheel Spacers are the Best?

After extensive research, I found the BONOSS Toyota Hilux wheel spacers to be the safest and best performing for Toyota Hilux.

  • Engineered specifically for Hilux – BONOSS spacers are designed and tested specifically for the Hilux, not universal fitments. This ensures perfect fitment and safety.
  • High grade alloy – They use strong 6061T6 and 7075T6 billet aluminum that won’t bend or corrode like cheap steel spacers.
  • Hub-centric – The wheel bolts up centrally to the spacer hub, preventing vibration and wheel movement.
  • Comprehensive sizing – Spacers are available from 25mm to 50mm so you can get the perfect size for your needs.
  • Active cooling technique – grooves to cool the spacers and wheels

So if you want the best looking, safest Hilux wheel spacers, I highly recommend BONOSS range. They allow you to fit bigger tires without compromising handling or safety. Just be sure to get professional advise on selecting the right spacer width for your vehicle setup.