When it comes to modifying your Toyota Soarer, one popular upgrade is adding wheel spacers. Wheel spacers push the wheels outward from the hub, effectively widening the track of the vehicle. This can give your Soarer a more aggressive, sporty look. But what effect, if any, do spacers have on ride quality? In this article, we’ll take a look at that question and discuss why BONOSS wheel spacers are one of the best options for your Soarer.

How Wheel Spacers Affect Ride Quality?

For mild to moderate spacer widths of 15-25mm, ride is unlikely to be dramatically impacted on most vehicles. As long as you choose quality hub-centric spacers and use proper installation procedures, ride comfort should not noticeably suffer.

Benefits of BONOSS Toyota Soarer Wheel Spacers

So when selecting spacers for your Soarer, quality and design are important factors. That’s why BONOSS wheel spacers have become a top choice among Soarer owners and tuners. Here are some key benefits BONOSS spacers provide:

Precision CNC Machining

BONOSS spacers are precision-machined from 7075T6 aluminum alloy using CNC equipment. This ensures every spacer has robust construction built to exact tolerances with clean, accurate mounting surfaces.

Hub-Centric Design

BONOSS spacers use a hub-centric design, meaning the spacer centers on the hub rather than the studs. This gives added stability and helps prevent vibration compared to lower quality stud-centric spacers.

Do Toyota Soarer Wheel Spacers Affect Ride Quality?

Anodized Coating

The 7075T6 aluminum alloy is anodized, giving an attractive finish that resists corrosion and protects from the elements.

Individually Tested Before shipping, every BONOSS spacer undergoes rigorous quality control testing to verify proper fitment and structural integrity. This gives added peace of mind that your spacers will install correctly and handle aggressive driving.

By combining robust materials, precise machining tolerances, intelligent engineering and rigorous testing, BONOSS wheel spacers deliver an easy, bolt-on mod that pushes your Soarer’s style and performance to the next level.

Professional Installation Recommended

While BONOSS spacers themselves are engineered for easy install, having a professional mechanic properly install the spacers is still recommended. A trained technician has the expertise to safely install the spacers to manufacturer torque specs, ensuring proper hub centering and wheel alignment. This guarantees long spacer and suspension life while not compromising performance and ride dynamics after installing the spacers.

Get Proper Fitment for Your Toyota Soarer

With quality engineering and materials, BONOSS wheel spacers are one of the most trusted brands among Toyota Soarer owners looking to upgrade stance and style. By subtly expanding track width they can make fitment of wider, more aggressive wheels possible without major modifications. Just be sure to get properly sized spacers based on your Soarer’s year and model. A knowledgeable parts supplier will make getting the right components easy.

Quality parts like BONOSS spacers offer easy bolt-on style and performance benefits. By following professional install procedures, your Soarer can reap the rewards of aggressive fitment made possible by wheel spacers without sacrificing reliability or ride comfort.