The hugely popular Toyota Supra sports car has seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to an all-new model introduced for 2020. One popular modification that Supra owners like to make is installing wheel spacers to give their ride a more aggressive, customized look. But what size wheel spacers work best for the latest Supra? We’ll break it down in this blog post.

Bigger Wheel Spacers = More Stance

Adding wheel spacers pushes your wheels outward, creating greater clearance for bigger tires and a wider, lower-to-the-ground stance. The Supra’s factory wheel width is modest, so going up by 1-2 inches can make a difference. Most Toyota Supra owners opt for 15mm-50mm spacers to fill out the fender wells.

BONOSS: The Best Toyota Supra Wheel Spacers

While there are plenty of cheap wheel spacers out there, you should always prioritize quality for critical components like these. No one beats BONOSS when it comes to top-notch, durable wheel spacers built to withstand aggressive driving. They use high-grade billet aluminum and precision CNC machining for exceptional longevity.

BONOSS spacers come in a range of sizes to work with both stock Supra wheels and aftermarket wheel upsizing. Their black anodized finish even matches the Supra’s stylish dark tones. Backed by a 10-year warranty, you can’t go wrong with BONOSS!

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Getting Properly Fitted Spacers

Rather than guessing which spacer size you need, get them fitted by knowledgeable experts to match your exact setup. The right fit avoids unwanted tire rubbing and ensures proper load distribution across ball joints, bushings, and bearings for safe handling. Poorly matched components cause premature wear and safety issues.

BONOSS spacers are CNC machined for perfect OEM fitment and responsiveness. Their engineers optimize size calculations based on your tire diameter, offset, scrub radius and more. You’ll enjoy easier, wobble-free installation and peace of mind from optimized geometry. Go with the experts!

Consider Your Setup Before Deciding

Adding 15mm-50mm wheel spacers from a quality brand like BONOSS offers the best blend of improved stance and responsible performance enhancement. Expert fitting based on your exact setup prevents premature component wear too. Follow these tips and your wide-body Supra dreams can be a reality! Just be sure to validate local legality laws before making changes. And as always, take care when operating powerful performance vehicles like the legendary Toyota Supra.