Installing wheel spacers on your Toyota Yaris can give it a more aggressive stance and allow you to fit wider tires. While installing spacers is not overly complicated, you need to take some safety precautions. In this blog post, we’ll look at whether you can install Toyota Yaris wheel spacers yourself and what you need to know to do it properly.

Benefits of installing Toyota Yaris wheel spacers

Here are some of the benefits installing spacers on your Yaris can provide:

  • Wider stance – Pushing the wheels outward gives your Yaris a more aggressive, lowered look even if you don’t change suspensions.
  • Room for wider tires – The extra space created by spacers allows you to fit larger tires that would have rubbed before.
  • Improved handling – A wider track can improve cornering and high speed stability.
  • Customizable fitment – Spacers give you more flexibility in wheel fitment and offset.
  • Cheaper than new wheels – Quality spacers cost much less than a new set of wheels.

Can I install Toyota Yaris wheel spacers myself?

With the right tools and preparation, most DIYers can tackle installing wheel spacers on a Yaris themselves. Here are some tips for a successful spacer install:

  • Use a torque wrench – Proper tightening torque is critical with spacers. A quality torque wrench that can precisely hit spec is a must.
  • Check wheel hub centering – Make sure the wheel hub has the proper centering ring and it’s in good condition. The hub must center the spacer correctly.
  • Use thread locker – Apply thread locker to the spacer studs so the lug nuts stay tight. Tighten lugs to spec in a star pattern.
  • Check brake caliper clearance – Spin the wheel and check that the caliper doesn’t contact the spacer. You may need spacers with more offset.
  • Stick to recommended spacer thickness – Don’t go too thick. Stay under 30mm for a Yaris.
  • Retorque after initial drive – Lug nuts can loosen after driving on new spacers. Always retorque after the first 30-60 miles.

Consulting with an experienced mechanic is wise if you’re uncertain.

Can I install Toyota Yaris wheel spacers DIY?

Why BONOSS Toyota Yaris wheel spacers are the best?

If you do decide to install wheel spacers on your Yaris, using quality products is highly recommended for safety. BONOSS makes some of the best spacers and adapters for small cars like the Yaris. Here’s why you should choose BONOSS:

  • Precise CNC machining – BONOSS uses precision Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining to craft 7075T6 aluminum spacers and adapters. This ensures a perfect fit.
  • Anodized surface – An anodized coating surface makes BONOSS spacers more corrosion resistant.
  • Ideal thickness options – They offer a range of measurements like 15mm, 20mmm, 25mm, and 30mm to safely fit different needs.
  • Guaranteed fitment – BONOSS ensures a precise OEM fit for your Yaris’s hubs. No wiggle room.

For affordability, quality, safety, and convenience, BONOSS is the top choice for Toyota Yaris wheel spacers. Follow their recommendations and you can install BONOSS spacers yourself with confidence. Just be sure to take the proper installation precautions.