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Wheel spacers are available for all brands and models, and BONOSS offers the perfect wheel spacers for older classic models or the latest models. The Lincoln Navigator is sold primarily in North America and may have less market exposure than mainstream brands. As a full-size luxury SUV, it is surprisingly long while exhibiting excellent cargo capacity. As a full-size SUV mounted, the reason for installing wheel spacers on the Lincoln Navigator is generally due to the driving experience and appearance needs, and it is easy to see from the various pictures that the original offset makes the wheels recessed in the fenders. At the same time, in response to customers’ needs for off-road, wheel spacers can also be used to improve the vehicle’s ability to pass on more complex terrain.

When do you need to install wheel spacers? Wheel spacers would be a very cost-effective option in the following situations. First, to correct wheel offset; second, to install larger brake calipers; and third, to get a better vehicle stance with a flush wheel appearance. The role of wheel spacers will be explained in more detail in the following article.

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How do Wheel Spacers work?

There are quite a few nice aftermarket rims in the secondary market, and these rims have a positive offset. However, in wheel construction, positive offset means a larger value for backspacing, and the inside of the rim and tire may rub against the suspension and brake kit during installation, something that often happens when buying positive offset rims, so a set of aftermarket rims that are both aesthetically pleasing and fit the installation data are hard to come by. Even when positive offset rims are installed, they still affect the vehicle’s turning radius. Smaller turning radii require lower driving speeds. Otherwise, more stress is placed on the steering system leading to breakage. Wheel spacers are used to increase the backspacing to push the rims outward, and adjusting the backspacing to correct the offset is economical.

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Similar to the rim, the same OEM brake kits are available for sale in the secondary market. Typically, larger formulated kits contain more pistons, providing greater power and shorter braking distances. Common problems that can occur with using larger brake calipers with OEM rims are inadequate backspacing, rubbing of the brake kit against the inside of the rim, or even the serious inability to mount the rim in its original position. Then after purchasing the brake kit, replacing a brand new set of alloy rims may be a practice that most customers are not too willing to choose then. Wheel spacers can easily solve this problem by increasing the backspacing data to push the rim outward to get more space for the brake kit. In this case, the thickness of the wheel spacers does not need to be very large. Maybe about 5mm-10mm can be the perfect solution.

Vehicles are designed with different fenders, but part of the design is too conservative, resulting in the wheels being deeply recessed in the fenders, which is unbearable for some customers who seek a perfect appearance. The wheel spacers can solve this problem by pushing the rims outward until they are flush with the fender. The thickness of the wheel spacers is optional, and the flush fender appearance will give your vehicle a neater look, while the wheel spacers provide more stable handling when steering for a better driving experience.

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Which Loctite For Wheel Spacers?

Loctite is used for locking preassembled fasteners, e.g., electrical connectors and set screws, and prevents loosening, rust, and corrosion. However, Loctite is not recommended for the installation of wheel spacers because BONOSS wheel spacers are accurate to 0.02mm, and the thread data of wheel bolts or wheel nuts are designed according to the vehicle. Using Loctite may lead to gaps between parts and cannot be fixed by a thread.