Are you still hesitating to choose wheel spacers? Or in the choice of which brand? Are you worried about the weight? Through the various forums inside the share to see how much each brand of wheel spacer weighs. Most brands on the market do not disclose the weight of wheel spacers, because, on the one hand, it involves data privacy, and on the other hand, it may make consumers worry about the weight impact of wheel spacers. BONOSS discloses the weight of Lightweight Plus wheel spacers of various models in different thicknesses and explains the reason why wheel spacers are lightweight. If you are interested in more related videos, you can find them HERE.

No Way! The Wheel Spacers Can't be So Light! (2)

After customers receive the product, they can basically feel the weight of wheel spacers intuitively, but do you really know the accurate weight? Some owners have shared in the forum the approximate weight of wheel spacers of the brand they choose to buy. But in searching and searching for the keyword wheel spacer’s weight, you will hardly find an accurate number that will come up because really no one will weigh it. But BONOSS really did, because the focus of Lightweight Plus wheel spacers is WEIGHT, optimizing the weight design while ensuring the structural integrity of wheel spacers.

No Way! The Wheel Spacers Can't be So Light! (1)

In most advertising slogans, you will probably see “Our wheel spacers are lighter than steel wheel spacers” and “Our wheel spacers are lighter than most products on the market” but the funny thing is that they never put the wheel spacers on a scale to show you the visual numbers. BONOSS designed the Lightweight Plus wheel spacers to compare only with the weight of their previous generation products, and disclose the weight of each wheel spacer and how much lighter it is compared with the previous generation products.

How to Achieve the Lightweight of Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers material. The wheel spacers of famous brands on the market such as H&R, Eibach, etc. are made of aluminum alloy, considering the impact on weight, few owners choose steel wheel spacers, and we do not recommend using it. The aluminum alloy also can be divided into 6061, 6061-T6, 7075, 7075-T6, and other materials. If you take a closer look at the wheel spacers box or browse the product website about the material, you will find that BONOSS use of aluminum alloy material is a very outstanding performance of the material, these criteria include Tensile But similar aluminum alloy material is very difficult to achieve lightweight. We can only say that the aluminum wheel spacers are lighter than the steel and can achieve lighter weight.

No Way! The Wheel Spacers Can't be So Light! (1)

Wheel spacers design. BONOSS hollow design makes wheel spacers light weight possible, by cutting the non-stress point area with high precision CNC rules, and then through the calculation to verify the structural integrity in actual use, and finally, to achieve the purpose of lightweight, with the previous generation of Bloxsport wheel spacers averages weight 20%-30% less, the hollow design increases the product processing process and cost, but brings the actual benefits are outstanding, compare these intuitive figures with other brands have convincing. Know more about Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers.

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