BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers Ford Bronco 5×108 6 3.4mm by rongan

2021Ford Bronco Sport, the brother of 2021 Ford Bronco, even though not as exciting as Bronco, Sport is an ideal SUV for people who are looking for a balance between urban life and outdoor adventure. On the basis of high performance, the combination of powerful appearance and practicality is what it is worth looking forward to. Since it’s called baby Bronco, the Sport is not as aggressive as Bronco. But definitely, it has a higher all-terrain capability than most other SUVs. Here is a simple way to meet your need for a rugged look- installing wheel spacers. They will significantly improve your Sport’s appearance and also enhance the performance off-road.  If you have a heart longing for the wild, if you want to know more about the function and safety of wheel spacers, Let’s continue to read more.

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Aggressive Look- Modern Visual Enjoyment

For people who catch up with the trend, the first impression of a vehicle is the critical factor when you are considering purchasing one. Just as the core spirit of Ford Bronco SUV – Unique, Breakthrough, and Freedom. Ford Bronco inherit the wild built of the classic. But if you desire the same roughness feeling as Bronco, wheel spacers can achieve it as they put your wheel outside from the axle to create more track width. Wheel spacers are also used in car modification competitions. The extreme ground high and dazzling wheels are allowing to wheel spacers whose thickness might reach 80-100mm. I mean wheel spacers can give your Sport a sporty and powerful look. As for the performance and safety, we also take into consideration.

BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers Ford Bronco 5×108 63.4mm by rongyan.2

Enhanced Performance- Upgraded Off-road Experience

Look-improving is just the basic function of wheel spacers, as an accessory used off-road, they must have something to do with haling performance. Bronco Sport is worth its name with a 4×4 twin-clutch rear-drive unite, 2.0L with 235/65R17 tires with an unsurpassed ground clearance of 8.8 inches, 23.6 inches of water fording, and roof-rack capacity of 150-lb. Dynamic load and 600lb. Static load. The clearance created by Wheel spacers can increase your track width on one hand and on the other hand remedy the rubbing issues caused by your component fitments. As long as you choose the suitable size of wheel spacers, they do help enhance the off-road performance. Bronco Sport has the bolt pattern(PCD) of 5×108, the center bore of 63.4, the stud thread of M12×1.5, and its fastening is lug nuts. If you have no modification on your vehicle, remember this official public data. Assuming you can not ensure that, you can contact us for custom service and accurate measurement. If you ever heard that wheel spacers do damage to vehicles, it’s mostly due to the false size and low-quality product, which will cause rubbing issues and loosening issues.

High Quality-Security is the Premise

Some modification players blindly add accessories by themselves for aesthetics and performance. But if lack of quality and professional guarantees, this is very dangerous, especially off-road. Every component of your vehicle related to safety should not be cut corner on. Wheel spacers are fitted with your mounting plate and your wheel and very close to your brake disc, Brake caliper, suspension, wheel hub, and wheel spokes. Once low-quality wheel spacers are damaged, these parts will be affected. The expense is not only wealth but life. Just imagine when you have a sharp turn or drive at high speed with the following vehicle, what a thrilling scene.

The most apparent way to recognize a qualified wheel spacer is whether it has a trademark, anti-counterfeiting mark, and warranty. Besides, must be durable and anticorrosive. Take BONOSS forged active wheel spacers, for example, the material is Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 which has high hardness and corrosion resistance. And the making process is forging, which makes wheel spacers have fewer impurities and smoother surface than casting. BONOSS wheel spacers accuracy is controlled within 0.02mm owing to the long-term data accumulations. If you also want to pick high-quality wheel spacers for your Ford Bronco Sport, your good companion on-road and off-road, BONOSS is your trusted choice.

Ford Bronco Sport Wheel Spacers 5×108 63.4mm(6061-T6)