If you’re a BMW owner looking to customize the look and performance of your vehicle, installing wheel spacers is a popular modification. But what exactly do BMW wheel spacers do? In this article, we’ll explain what wheel spacers are, their benefits for BMW vehicles, and why BONOSS wheel spacers are a top choice for BMW owners.

What Are BMW Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are circular metal rings that bolt between your wheel and hub. They create extra space between the wheel and the hub, pushing the wheels outward to sit wider than the original factory stance.

The main benefits of installing spacers on your BMW are:

  • Wider Track Stance – Pushing the wheels outward creates a wider, more aggressive looking stance. This improves the vehicle’s aesthetics.
  • Improved Handling – The wider track width improves handling and cornering by reducing body roll. The vehicle will feel more planted and responsive.
  • Wheel Fitment – Spacers allow you to install wider aftermarket wheels that normally wouldn’t fit without rub or clearance issues.
  • Brake Cooling – The additional clearance provides more airflow to cool the brakes, reducing fade.

Are BMW Wheel Spacers Safe?

Quality wheel spacers from reputable brands like BONOSS are completely safe to use when properly installed. The key is using hub-centric spacers that are precision CNC machined to exactly fit your BMW’s bolt pattern and hub size.

Hub-centric design ensures the spacer centers perfectly on the hub, preventing vibration and wheel movement that can loosen lugs. High-grade aluminum or steel is used to produce maximum strength that won’t bend or crack under load.

Proper installation is also critical for safety and preventing spacer failure. An experienced technician should torque the wheel bolts to factory specs. It’s also wise to re-torque the wheels after the first 100 miles of driving on the spacers.

As long as you choose quality hub-centric spacers fit for your specific BMW model and have them installed correctly, spacers are a very safe modification.

What do BMW Wheel Spacers Do?

Why BONOSS BMW Wheel Spacers Are the Best?

For BMW owners looking to add spacers, BONOSS is the top brand to choose. Here’s why BONOSS BMW wheel spacers stand out.

Precision Engineered for Your BMW

BONOSS engineers each of its wheel spacers specifically for particular BMW models and wheel sizes. You input your year, make and model when ordering to receive a kit tailored for your vehicle.

The spacers are CNC machined from 7075T6 aluminum to precisely match your BMW’s lug pattern, hub size and offset requirements. This guarantees perfect fitment, maximum safety and quick installation.

Retains Factory Ride Quality

BONOSS spacers are engineered to keep the factory suspension geometry unchanged after installation. This retains the OEM ride quality and handling precision your BMW was designed for.

Rigorous Testing for Durability

Before any spacer kit leaves the BONOSS factory, it undergoes rigorous load, radial and impact testing to ensure long-term durability and safety. The strict quality control gives you peace of mind.

Prevents Corrosion

An anodized black finish is used to coat each spacer for extreme resistance to corrosion and scratching. You’ll enjoy lasting good looks for many miles.

Quick and Easy Installation

With BONOSS spacers, no modifications are needed to install them. The lug pattern, stud length and offset are made to be bolt-on ready. You can DIY install them in under an hour with basic hand tools.

Enhance Your BMW’s Performance and Style

Installing BONOSS wheel spacers is an easy upgrade that can drastically enhance how your BMW drives and looks. You’ll enjoy a wider, more muscular stance, increased steering response and the ability to fit larger custom wheels. For safe, quality BMW spacers that are rigorously engineered and tested, look no further than BONOSS.