If you’re a golf cart owner, you’ve probably wondered about accessories that can enhance your vehicle’s performance and appearance. One popular accessory is wheel spacers, which allow you to customize the look and handling of your golf cart. In this blog post, we’ll explore what golf cart wheel spacers are, their different types, and why BONOSS spacers are a top choice for many owners.

Types of Golf Cart Wheel Spacers

There are a few varieties of golf cart wheel spacers to choose from:

Hub-Centric Spacers

These spacers have a center hole that matches precisely with the hub bore on your golf cart. The hub-centric design ensures proper fitment and centering of the wheels, preventing vibration while driving. Hub-centric spacers are the most common and reliable style.

Lug-Centric Spacers

With lug-centric spacers, the lug bolts take on the duty of centering the wheels. These spacers feature oversized center holes and are less expensive than hub-centric designs. However, they can increase the chance of vibration and improper wheel alignment.

Extended Stud Spacers

This style combines a spacer plate with longer wheel studs all in one piece. The extended studs allow you to mount the wheels outward while maintaining proper thread engagement. Extended stud spacers provide max wheel clearance but are the most expensive option.

What do Golf Cart wheel spacers do?

Why BONOSS Golf Cart Wheel Spacers Are Top-Quality?

When shopping for golf cart wheel spacers, you want high-grade components that will provide lasting performance. BONOSS spacers check all the right boxes:

  • Precision CNC machined from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum – This is the strongest alloy for the job, resisting corrosion and fatigue over years of use. The CNC machining ensures perfect dimensions and concentricity.
  • Hub-centric design – BONOSS spacers center securely on the wheel hub for vibration-free performance. No worries about wheels shaking or wobbling down the road.
  • Durable black anodized finish – The anodizing treatment adds surface hardness and provides excellent protection from rust and scraping. BONOSS spacers will maintain their fresh black finish for years.
  • Grade 12.9 spacers studs included – You get high-strength Grade 12.9 studs with each spacer kit for proper wheel fastening without any worries of bolt failure.
  • 10 year limited warranty – BONOSS provides a multi-year warranty backing for their wheel spacer kits, so you can drive with confidence.

For golf cart owners seeking to widen their track width to accommodate larger tires or achieve a more aggressive stance, BONOSS wheel spacers deliver. They offer strength, durability, and a precise OEM-quality fit. Check them out online or at retailers to upgrade your golf cart today!