What Is 2023 Mazda CX5 Lug Nuts Size and Torque?

The 2023 Mazda CX5 lug nuts size follows the previous generation’s M12x1.5 data, the stock lug nuts that come with the vehicle are generally grade 8 steel lug nuts and cast lug nuts are commonly found in stock parts. The extra chrome plating will ensure that they will have a degree of rust resistance, and if your vehicle’s stock lug nuts are rusty or cracked, the best thing to do is to purchase the correct type of aftermarket lug nuts to replace them.

You can get the data of 2023 Mazda CX5 lug nuts through the professional auto parts website, or you can contact BONOSS customer service. We will recommend the right product according to the vehicle’s chassis code and wheel seat. Besides the 2023 Mazda CX5 lug nuts, we also design unique products for all Mazda models. BONOSS collects data from 95% of the models on the market to ensure that the product data is accurate enough.

The 2023 Mazda CX5 Lug Nuts Size

The 2023 Mazda CX5 lug nuts size is M12x1.5; the stock product uses a tapered seat to fit the stock wheels. If you replace the aftermarket wheels, the tapered seat lug nuts will most likely fit them, as most aftermarket wheels use a tapered seat. We recommend that customers check all parts after the vehicle has been driven for more than a year or has reached the appropriate mileage. Regular maintenance and inspection will ensure that the vehicle is always in top condition.

The upgraded 2023 Mazda CX5 lug nuts introduced by BONOSS are now a perfect replacement for the stock lug nuts. They have a critical guaranteed load of 105,700N for lug nuts in ISO Class 12, which is critical for fasteners as they need to withstand high clamping forces and torques.

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What Is the Torque of the 2023 Mazda CX5 Lug Nuts?

A torque wrench will ensure that the 2023 Mazda lug nuts are in place. Engagement of the threads will produce a high clamping force. Still, inappropriate torques often lead to extreme results, with smaller torques causing the 2023 Mazda lug nuts to fall out and larger torques causing damage to the 2023 Mazda lug nuts. BONOSS has set the recommended torque for different threads.

2023 Mazda CX5 lug nuts use M12x1.5 thread. After making sure the lug nuts have 6.5 turns of safety (about 10mm of load bearing shaft length), they are suitable for locking with 113NM (83.3Ft-tb), after locking you will hear a crisp “ticking” sound is heard after locking. Many customers believe that the high torque will ensure the locking of the part and that the normal stock lug nuts will deform when subjected to excessive torque.

However, BONOSS has improved the performance of the new generation of 2023 Mazda CX5 lug nuts, which have undergone classic performance tests, including ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, proof load, salt spray test, etc. BONOSS 50BV30 steel 2023 Mazda CX5 lug nuts are capable of higher plastic deformation limits, which means they are more durable and perform better. BONOSS offers a 10-year warranty for this product.

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