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If you’ve ever traded in your stock wheels for aftermarket wheels, you know there’s more than one type of lug nut. You may have even found out the hard way when you realized that the old lug nuts didn’t fit your new wheels. Lug nuts come in different sizes, tapers, and pitches. Depending on the wheel or application, the type of lug nut you have may vary – so how do you know which ones to use for your Honda Accord?

For Honda Accord, only need to replace broken or substandard lug nuts is easy, you can easily find these parts on Amazon or eBay, Honda as the Japanese and American system in the lug nuts to fix the wheels of the car manufacturer, the spherical base makes it unique, the manufacturer of the lug nuts often produces lug nuts with a conical seat in order to pursue commercial interests, which makes many Accord owners annoyed about where to find lug nuts with a spherical seat. However, try to reduce the use of second-hand or no-quality inspection mark products, they can not guarantee the safety of your vehicle.

What Type of Lug Nuts Does Honda Accord Need?

Lug nuts are mainly divided into Spherical Seat, Conical Seat, Mag Type with Flat Washer, Tuner Nuts, Spline Drive, and Open-ended. The reason is that most Japanese and American brands use the stock wheels of the Conical Seat. In addition, most of the aftermarket rims also use the same contact surface.

The lug nuts used on the Honda Accord are M12x1.5, Spherical Seat (with stock wheels). On the basis of this data, you can choose different materials and styles of lug nuts, including steel lug nuts and aluminum lug nuts, but unfortunately, most lug nuts are designed with a 60° conical seat, which is suitable for most of the aftermarket wheels and the stock wheels of Japanese and American brands.

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BONOSS provides M12x1.5, Conical Seat lug nuts for Honda Accord, there are open-ended and closed-end lug nuts, open end lug nuts are mainly provided for customization (modified hub assembly’s studs), no need to worry about the depth of lug nuts can not accommodate studs. The lug nuts are designed to be 40mm deep, with an additional 45mm of customization. The margin-left inside the lug nuts after the lug nuts lock the stud will not affect the lug nuts locking the wheel. The closed design prevents road stains from eroding the lug nuts and studs.

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Why You Should Choose BONOSS Lug Nuts?

The OEM is supplied with steel nuts with a rust-proof surface by means of chrome plating. BONOSS lug nuts are made of 7075-T6 high-strength aluminum alloy, and the surface of the lug nuts is anodized to provide longer and stronger rust protection. More than nine kinds of colors, including black, blue, red, grey, sky blue, gold, silver, purple and green.


In terms of performance, the 7075-T6 aluminum alloy material can provide 572 MPa Tensile Strength, and 503 MPa Yield Strength, lug nuts not only ensure to provide enough force to lock the wheel, but also pay great attention to the weight, each lug nut weighs only 25g, which is very friendly to the underspring weight.