If you own a 2024 Lexus is300 and want to customize the stance and look of your ride, installing wheel spacers is a great modification. Wheel spacers push your wheels outward to sit more flush with the fender walls, creating a more aggressive and sporty appearance. But what size wheel spacers should you get for the 2024 is300? In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of wheel spacers and recommend the ideal sizes for your model based on common fitment upgrades.

Why consider wheel spacers for your 2024 Lexus is300?

There are a few key reasons why installing wheel spacers on your 2024 is300 can be advantageous:

  • Improved stance– Moving the wheels outward with spacers creates a wider, lower-looking stance. This enhances the sporty aesthetic of your ride.
  • Better fitment– With the right spacer sizes, you can achieve ideal wheel/tire fitment that eliminates rubbing and provides optimal clearance.
  • Increased options– Spacers allow you to run wider wheels and tires that normally wouldn’t fit without modification. This opens up more wheel/tire choices.
  • No modifications– Quality spacers safely bolt on without needing to make permanent changes to your hubs and wheels. They’re a reversible mod.

What size 2024 Lexus is300 wheel spacers are best?

Why BONOSS wheel spacers are the best for a 2024 Lexus is300?

When shopping for wheel spacers, go with a quality brand like BONOSS. Here are reasons why their spacers are ideal for fitting the 2024 is300.

Precisely engineered fitment – BONOSS spacers are CNC machined for perfect fitment with Lexus hubs. You get perfect spacing with no vibrations.

Strong billet aluminum construction – Made of 7075T6 aircraft grade aluminum, BONOSS spacers are strong enough for lowered vehicles while remaining lightweight.

Anodized coating – The anodized coating finish protects the spacers from corrosion and everyday wear and tear.

Hub-centric design – With a hub-centric fit, BONOSS spacers center perfectly on your is300’s hub for proper wheel alignment and balance.

Safety tested – BONOSS spacers undergo rigorous safety testing well beyond industry standards to ensure they perform safely long-term.

Reasonable pricing – Despite their premium quality and engineering, BONOSS spacers are very reasonably priced and competitive.

Good reputation – With thousands of satisfied customers, BONOSS is known for making some of the best spacers on the market.

Always go with a reputable brand like BONOSS when buying wheel spacers. Their quality engineering and precise manufacturing result in safe, durable products that fit and perform as expected. For the best fitment and stance on a lowered 2024 Lexus is300, go with BONOSS wheel spacers matched to your desired tire/wheel setup.