If you own a 2024 model year Volkswagen and are looking to install wheel spacers, you may be wondering what size spacers are suitable and safe to use. Wheel spacers can provide many benefits like a wider stance,room for wider tires, and better fitment of aftermarket wheels. However, you need to be careful in selecting the proper spacer size and construction for your specific VW model and setup. In this article, we’ll look at some recommendations for appropriate 2024 VW wheel spacer sizes and types.

Considerations for 2024 VW Wheel Spacers Size

Some key factors to consider when selecting wheel spacers for your 2024 VW include:

  • VW model – Spacer sizes and limitations can vary across VW models and trims. Always check spacer manufacturer recommendations for your exact year and model.
  • Stock offset and width – The stock wheel offset and width impact the ideal spacer size. Aftermarket wheels also play a role. You want proper clearance between tires, fenders, suspension and more.
  • Purpose – Why you want to install spacers affects ideal size. For just a wider stance, smaller spacers in 15-25mm range are often ideal. For wider wheels/tires, you may need 30mm+.

Recommended 2024 VW Wheel Spacers Sizes

Taking all these factors into account, here are some general recommendations for 2024 VW spacer sizes:

  • 10-15mm – A smaller spacer size that is safe for most set ups. Provides a mild change in offset for a wider stance.
  • 15-25mm – The most common size range for daily driven 2024 VWs. Allows fitting larger tires and moderate stance widening.
  • 25-35mm – For an aggressive stance with wider tire fitment.

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Wheel Spacer Types for 2024 VWs

There are a few main types of wheel spacers to consider:

  • Hub-centric spacers – These fit around the hub for proper fitment. Hub-centric is ideal for street driving and racing.
  • Aluminum spacers – Most common material. Relatively lightweight while still strong.

For daily driven 2024 VWs, a quality set of hub-centric aluminum spacers in the 15-25mm range from reputable brands will offer the best experience. This provides a moderate change in offset and stance while still being safe.

Why BONOSS  Offers the Best 2024 VW Wheel Spacers?

One wheel spacer brand that seems to be emerging as a top choice for 2024 VW owners is BONOSS. Here are some of the reasons BONOSS spacers can be an excellent option:

  • They specialize in VW fitments with proper model-specific designs
  • Offer hub-centric aluminum spacers in the most common 10-60mm size range
  • Use aircraft grade 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum for lightweight durability
  • Precise CNC machining for quality
  • Offer extended lugs for complete install
  • Very positive customer reviews and feedback
  • More affordable pricing than many competitors
  • Good customer service and warranty programs

Based on these factors, the BONOSS brand seems to check all the right boxes for providing quality, safe, and affordable wheel spacers for 2024 VW models. They offer hub-centric aluminum spacers in the ideal size range for daily driven vehicles. While you should always verify proper fitment for your specific car, BONOSS is definitely a go-to option to consider for 2024 VW wheel spacers. Using quality spacers in the proper size will allow you to achieve your desired stance and wheel fitment safely.