What size are Ford Focus wheel nuts?

If you drive a Ford Focus, knowing the proper wheel nut size and torque is crucial for safe operation and maintenance. The wheel nuts secure the wheels to the vehicle’s hubs, so using the correct hardware is vital. In this article, we’ll cover the recommended wheel nut sizes for different Ford Focus models and years.

What is Ford Focus wheel nuts size?

Most Focuses from 2000 to 2023 use M12 x 1.5 wheel nuts. These nuts have a 12mm diameter shank with a 1.5mm thread pitch. Spacers or adaptors may be required on certain models, so always confirm the thread specs in your owner’s manual.

Some vehicles may deviate, so verifying your particular model’s lug nut measurements is recommended.

What socket size for Ford Focus wheel nuts?

To remove and install Ford Focus wheel nuts, you’ll need a socket that fits the nut size properly. Avoid universals or adjustables, as these can round off the nut.

For M12 nuts, use a 19mm 12-point socket. Using quality impact-rated sockets and torque tools helps avoid damage or overtightening.

What is the torque spec for Ford Focus wheel nuts?

Along with the proper socket size, torquing the wheel nuts to the factory specification is critical. Under- or over-tightening the nuts can lead to wheels coming loose or damage to the studs or wheel hubs.

The Ford Focus wheel torque specs are:

  • M12 x 1.5 nuts – 81 lb-ft (110 Nm)

Always torque the nuts in the proper star or crisscross pattern to ensure even clamping. It’s also wise to re-torque the wheels after around 100 miles of driving when new.

Which aftermarket wheel nuts are best for Ford Focus?

Using quality aftermarket wheel nuts like BONOSS can provide durability, security, and style upgrades over stock lug nuts. Here are some benefits of choosing BONOSS for your Ford Focus.

  • Forged steel construction – Far stronger than cheap cast nuts to resist stripping or breaking.
  • Specialty coatings -black finishes available for custom looks.
  • Perfect fit – Made to match OEM threads and dimensions for easy installation.
  • Security – Some models feature locking lug nuts to deter theft.

So if you’re looking for replacement or upgrade lug nuts for your Ford Focus, choose the unmatched quality of BONOSS. With the proper fit, finish, and durability, BONOSS Ford Focus wheel nuts are the clear choice over stock nuts. Just be sure to get the right size and always torque properly for safe operation.