If you own a Ford Ranger pickup truck, you may be interested in installing wheel spacers to change up the look and stance of your ride. But what size wheel spacers do you need for a Ford Ranger? Let’s take a closer look.

What are Ford Ranger wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are circular metal plates that bolt between your wheel and hub. They effectively push your wheels out further away from the frame and allow you to install larger aftermarket wheels. Wheel spacers work by increasing the offset of your wheels.

Offset refers to how far in or out a wheel sits relative to the hub. More positive offset means the wheel will sit more inwards, while more negative offset pushes it outwards. With the right wheel spacers, you can adjust offset and stance without having to buy all new wheels.

Typical Ford Ranger wheel specs

Before choosing wheel spacers, you need to know your Ford Ranger’s factory wheel specs:

  • Bolt pattern: 6×139.7mm/ 5×114.3mm
  • Wheel diameter: Typically 15-18 inches
  • Offset: +38mm to +44mm

The bolt pattern refers to the number and spacing of lug nuts. For example, 5×114.3 means 5 lugs spaced 114.3mm apart in a circle.

Wheel diameter is simply the size of the wheel – usually 15, 16, 17 or 18 inches on a Ford Ranger.

Offset is the key number for wheel spacers. Stock Ford Rangers tend to have a +38 to +44mm positive offset from the factory.

How do wheel spacers change offset?

The offset change depends on the thickness of your wheel spacers. For example:

  • +38mm stock offset
  • +20mm wheel spacers
  • New offset = +38mm – 20mm = +18mm

So in this example, 20mm thick wheel spacers take the offset from +38mm down to +18mm – pushing the wheels 20mm further out.

Thinner spacers (10-15mm) give a milder change, while thicker spacers (25mm+) push the wheels out further for a more aggressive look.

What size wheel spacers for a Ford Ranger?

The most common wheel spacer sizes for a Ford Ranger are:

  • 15mm – Gives a subtle change for a leveled/lifted truck.
  • 20mm – Works well for a mild drop in offset on a stock height Ranger.
  • 25mm – For a more noticeable stance change on lifted trucks.
  • 30mm+ – Maxing out the spacer size for an aggressive offset drop on a lifted Ranger.

Most wheel spacer kits are adjustable and allow you to bolt different thickness plates together. This lets you fine tune the offset change.

Will wheel spacers fit other bolt patterns?

If you’re switching to different wheels, the spacer bolt pattern MUST match your new wheels.

The Ford Ranger uses 6×139.7 or 5×114.3, which is common but not universal. For example, Dodge Rams use 5×139.7 and won’t be compatible.

Some Toyota trucks do use 5×114.3 like the Tacoma, so Ranger spacers may fit in those cases. But you always need to check that bolt patterns match exactly before installing wheel spacers. Even small differences in bolt spacing can prevent wheels from seating safely.

What size are Ford Ranger wheel spacers?

Why choose BONOSS Ford Ranger wheel spacers?

If you’ve decided to install wheel spacers on your Ford Ranger, BONOSS is one of the top brands to consider. Here are some benefits BONOSS offers.

  • Precise CNC machining for evenly spaced and centered lug holes. This ensures safe wheel mounting.
  • Grade 12.9 bolts included with the spacers for high strength attachments.
  • Anodized coating prevents corrosion and provides long-lasting durability.
  • Reports of excellent fitment and easy, bolt-on installation requiring no modifications.
  • Available in a range of thicknesses from 15mm to 35mm to fine tune offset.
  • Hub-centric design centers the spacer on the hub for vibration reduction.

Compared to other brands, BONOSS receives high marks for quality construction, durability, and safe performance. Customer reviews consistently praise their Ford Ranger wheel spacers as a great mod that achieves the desired stance improvement without issues.

Installing wheel spacers allows you to customize the look and fitment of larger wheels on your Ford Ranger. For most Rangers, 20-25mm spacers provide an ideal offset change without causing rubbing or alignment problems. BONOSS is one of the top recommended brands for quality and safety. Just be sure to match your Ranger’s bolt pattern exactly when choosing wheel spacers. With the right fitment, you can achieve a wider, more aggressive stance to give your truck the customized look you want.

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