If you own a Honda vehicle, knowing the wheel nut size is important for changing a tire or swapping out factory wheels. Honda uses several standard lug nut sizes depending on the model, and it’s crucial to use the right size socket and torque spec to avoid stripped nuts or a loose wheel. In this article, we’ll look at common Honda lug nut sizes, recommended socket sizes, torque specs, and lug nut options for different Honda models.

What size are OEM Honda wheel nuts?

The most common Honda wheel nut sizes are:

  • 12×1.5 – Used on many Honda sedan models like Accord, Civic. The nut measures 12mm diameter with a 1.5mm thread pitch.
  • 14×1.5 – Used on models like Honda Odyssey.

So depending on your specific Honda, you’ll likely encounter either a 12mm or 14mm lug nut. The thread pitch of 1.25 or 1.5mm indicates how far the threads advance with each rotation. Honda tends to use finer pitches on their passenger cars, and coarser pitches on trucks and SUVs.

Always check your owner’s manual or on the wheel itself to verify the exact lug nut measurements for your vehicle. Using an incorrect size can damage the nuts or wheel.

What size socket are Honda wheel nuts?

To properly remove and install Honda lug nuts, you’ll need a socket that matches the nut size. The most common Honda wheel socket sizes are:

  • 19mm – Fits 12×1.5 lug nuts
  • 22mm – Fits 14×1.5 lug nuts

A 6-point (hex) impact socket is best to really grip the nuts without rounding off the corners. Make sure the socket fits snugly over the nut without wiggle room. For hard-to-reach lugs, a deep impact socket with extended walls provides extra leverage.

You can also use a adjustable wrench in a pinch, but take care not to strip or round the nuts which can make removal very difficult. The fixed size and shape of a socket is ideal for applying maximum torque without damaging the nuts.

What size are Honda wheel nuts?

What torque spec are Honda wheel nuts?

Along with the proper socket size, you’ll need to tighten Honda wheel nuts to the recommended torque spec, usually around 80-100 ft-lbs depending on model. Refer to your owner’s manual or shop repair manual for the exact torque spec.

Under-torqued lugs can vibrate loose over time and cause a dangerous wheel separation. Over-tightening can stretch the studs leading to breakage. Use a calibrated torque wrench and tighten in a star pattern for even load distribution.

It’s also wise to re-check torque after around 100 miles of driving as the wheels can settle under load. Keeping lug nuts at the spec ensures wheels are securely fastened for safe handling and prevents damage to the threads, wheels or brakes.

Which wheel lug nuts are best for Honda?

For replacing damaged or rusted factory lug nuts, BONOSS Honda wheel nuts are engineered to meet or exceed OEM standards while adding style. They are precisely machined from hardened steel for durability, and plated to resist corrosion and remain easy to remove.

  • Meets Honda’s original size, thread pitch and seat shape for secure mounting
  • Steel construction with special coating provides long service life
  • Specialized shape prevents loosening and distributes clamping force
  • Works with OEM Honda wheels and most aftermarket rims
  • Decorative black finishes add custom style
  • Produced by ISO-certified factory to strict quality control standards

With the proper thread pitch and dimensions, BONOSS Honda wheel nuts install correctly using Honda’s torque specifications. This ensures a tight, vibration-free fit. The forged steel and specialized nut shaping provide superior strength to combat loosening.

Compared to lock-style nuts, BONOSS Honda wheel nuts allow easy removal with basic hand tools yet still deter theft of wheels and tires. The  black coating enhances any wheel’s appearance for a customized look.

For safely swapping your Honda wheels or performing tire changes, rely on precision-made BONOSS steel lug nuts. They provide OEM-quality construction to handle Honda’s torque demands while giving your car, truck or SUV a touch of style. Order a set today and be ready for any tire change jobs on your Honda with confidence.