If you own a 2016-2022 Mazda MX-5 Miata ND and want to get a more aggressive stance, installing ND Miata wheel spacers is a great mod. Wheel spacers push the wheels outward to sit flush or poke out from the fenders. This gives your Miata a wider, lower visual stance.

But what size ND Miata wheel spacers can you run safely? Let’s look at some guidelines.

What Size ND Miata Wheel Spacers are Recommended?

Before buying spacers, ensure your wheels have adequate brake clearance. The Miata ND comes standard with 17×7” wheels. These generally have room for 15mm spacers without issues.

Larger aftermarket wheels like 17×8” and 17×9” allow running 20mm+ spacers if needed. Measure the backspace on your current wheels to see what would work. Just make sure the tires don’t rub the struts or fenders when turning.

You also want wheels with high load ratings and quality castings. For the ND Miata, spacer sizes from 15mm to 20mm are common and safe depending on wheels. Here are some guidelines:

  • 15mm spacers are ideal for stock 17×7” wheels. Gives a subtle poke without compromising handling.
  • 20mm spacers work well for aftermarket 17×8” and 17×9” wheels. Provides an aggressive stance while maintaining stability.
  • 25mm+ spacers are recommended if running wide track mods.
  • Many people like to use thinner spacers up front versus the rear for better balance. i.e. 15mm front, 20mm rear.

What size ND Miata wheel spacers are OK?

Spacer Material – Aluminum vs. Steel

Wheel spacers come in two main materials – aluminum and steel. Here’s how they compare:

  • Aluminum spacers are affordable and lightweight. Best for mild street use.
  • Steel spacers are extremely strong but heavier.

For the Miata ND, aluminum spacers are recommended for street driving.

Brand ND Miata Wheel Spacers for Sale

I personally run and recommend BONOSS wheel spacers for the ND Miata. Their spacers use forged 6061 -6 aluminum, precise CNC machining, special plating for corrosion resistance, and correct hub bore sizes for a vibration free experience.

BONOSS also includes quality hardware like ISO grade 12.9 wheel studs where needed. And their prices are very reasonable. Overall amazing quality and performance for the money.

With quality wheel spacers correctly installed, you can achieve the perfect fitment and stance for your ND Miata build! Just follow the sizing and brand guidelines mentioned above. Your Miata will look slick sitting out wide and low over the wheels. Have fun and drive safe!