What Size Spacers for GR86?

If you own the new 2022 Toyota GR86 and want to make it look more aggressive, adding wheel spacers is a great modification. But what size Toyota GR86 wheel spacers do you need to get the perfect fitment? In this post, we’ll discuss what size spacers are best for the GR86 and why BONOSS spacers are the top choice.

What Size Toyota GR86 Wheel Spacers Do I Need?

The stock offset on the GR86’s 18×7 wheels is +48mm. This gives the wheels a sunken, tucked-in look from the factory. Adding 25mm spacers will push the wheels out to sit flush with the fenders for a more muscular stance. 30-35mm spacers will give you an aggressive concave fitment with the wheels poking out past the fenders a bit.

Here are some recommended GR86 spacer sizes:

  • 15-25mm spacers for flush fitment

Keep in mind that you generally want to use the same size spacer in the front and rear to maintain proper suspension geometry. Don’t go too crazy with staggered sizes. Also, make sure to get hubcentric spacers so they center on the hub for smooth wheel rotation.

How Big Toyota GR86 Wheel Spacers are Safe?

it is common to adapt 20-25mm spacers to GR86, which size is safer and upgrade the ride performance of the vehicle by increasing the track.

The most important thing is properly torquing down your spacer hardware to OEM specs. Also, use a quality hubcentric spacer brand like BONOSS to avoid vibrations or centering issues. Check all hardware after 500 miles of driving on new spacers. As long as you stay withing reason and check for wear periodically, a mild spacer up to 35mm is safe for your GR86.

Which Toyota GR86 Wheel Spacers Are Best?

With so many cheap spacer brands out there, why should you trust BONOSS for your GR86? Here are some reasons BONOSS Toyota GR86 wheel spacers are the top choice.

  • Precise CNC Machining – BONOSS spacers are precision cut from 7075T6 aluminum billet on a CNC milling machine for perfect sizing and concentricity. This guarantees reliable fitment without vibrations.
  • Anodized Coating – The black anodized coating on BONOSS spacers resists corrosion while adding style. It also allows for proper torque values during install compared to raw spacers.
  • Hubcentric Design – All BONOSS spacers precisely center on the hub for smooth rotation and reduced stress on components. No vibrations, just a quality engineered fit.
  • High-Strength Hardware – ISO Grade 12.9 wheel bolts are included for a rock-solid install that won’t come loose. Proper torque specs maintain the perfect fit.
  • Aggressive Pricing – Despite their premium quality, BONOSS spacers are very competitively priced compared to other brands. More value for your money!
  • Active cooling technique – Petal grooves to cool the spacers and wheels

If you want the highest quality, best fitting Toyota GR86 wheel spacers, BONOSS is the top choice recommended by tuners and enthusiasts. Their precision engineered spacers will give your GR86 the perfect stance and aggressive look safely. Just follow proper install procedure and you’re set!