What Size Wheel Nuts for Ford Connect?

If you own a Ford Connect, you know how important it is to keep your wheels securely fastened to your vehicle. Using the proper wheel nuts and torquing them to the correct specification is crucial for safe operation. But what size wheel nuts does the Ford Connect use? In this article, we’ll cover the nut sizing, socket size, torque specs, and recommendations for aftermarket wheel nuts on the Ford Connect.

Ford Connect Wheel Nut Size

The Ford Connect uses M12 x 1.5 wheel nuts. This is a metric thread pitch, with a 12mm diameter and 1.5mm between threads. Most OEM Ford Connect factory wheel nuts are 19mm hex, meaning a 19mm socket is needed to remove them.

Aftermarket brands may use slightly different sizing, but you want to stick with nuts that have the M12 x 1.5 spec to match your Connect’s studs. Using the wrong thread pitch can cause the nuts to not secure properly or damage the wheel studs.

Ford Connect Wheel Nut Socket Size

As mentioned above, the OEM Ford Connect wheel nuts from the factory measure 19mm hex. So to remove the nuts, you’ll need a 19mm socket, preferably a 6-point socket since these grip better than 12-point.

A good quality 6-point impact socket is ideal, as the wheel nuts are usually installed to a high torque spec from the factory, requiring an impact wrench for removal in most cases. Manual hand socket use is possible but will require a breaker bar for leverage.

Some aftermarket wheel nuts may use 19mm or 21mm sizing. Check the size before purchasing replacement nuts or a socket set. A 19mm 6-point socket should work for most aftermarket nut options.

Ford Connect Wheel Nut Torque Specifications

Proper torque on the wheel nuts is critical to keep the wheels from loosening over time. Ford specifies a torque of 103 lb-ft (140 Nm) for the Connect wheel nuts. This is a relatively high torque rating, which is why an impact wrench is recommended for install and removal.

When installing new nuts or changing a tire, you’ll want to use a torque wrench to achieve the proper 103 lb-ft spec. Do not rely on tightening with an impact gun or you risk over or under-torquing.

Gradually tighten across the wheel in a star pattern sequence. Double check with the torque wrench after the initial pass to make sure all nuts are at 103 lb-ft. Coming loose at highway speeds can be extremely dangerous.

Which Ford Connect Wheel Nuts  are Best?

For aftermarket wheel nuts, I recommend the BONOSS brand nuts for Ford Connect models. They meet all OEM specifications but include a cap on the end of the nut. This increases corrosion resistance, provides easier tightening, and gives a nice finished look.

The BONOSS wheel nuts come with all hardware needed. They are very affordable but provide great quality and peace of mind knowing your wheels are safely secured.

So for your Ford Connect, go with the factory M12 x 1.5 spec nuts, tightened to 103 lb-ft of torque. Use a 19mm socket to remove or install. And consider upgrading to the BONOSS aftermarket wheel nuts for optimal durability and ease of install. Properly torqued wheel nuts keep you safe!