The 2024 Ford Edge is an exciting new SUV that offers great performance and versatility. However, some owners may want to customize their ride even further with aftermarket parts like wheel spacers. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to know which wheel spacers are actually safe to use on the 2024 Edge.

Why use 2024 Ford Edge wheel spacers?

The main purpose of wheel spacers is to push the wheels further out from the wheel hub, effectively widening the track of the vehicle. This can provide a more aggressive stance and allow for larger tires. However, using low quality spacers that aren’t designed specifically for the 2024 Edge could lead to vibrations, premature wear, and even wheel detachment in severe cases.

Do you need 2024 Ford Edge wheel spacers?

So when choosing wheel spacers for the 2024 Ford Edge, it’s important to stick with a reputable brand that follows strict manufacturing and testing guidelines. BONOSS is one brand that specializes in wheel spacers and adapters for a wide range of makes and models. Here’s a closer look at why their 2024 Ford Edge wheel spacers can be considered a safe choice:

Precision Engineering – BONOSS wheel spacers are precision-engineered using high grade aluminum to maintain tight tolerances and ensure proper fitment with the hub. This prevents uneven contact that could lead to stress points or cracking.

Vehicle-Specific Design – Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, BONOSS designs their wheel spacers specifically for certain vehicle makes and models. For the 2024 Ford Edge, they have performed proper measurements and design adjustments to account for the hub size, stud pattern, offset, and other factors unique to this vehicle.

What type 2024 Ford Edge wheel spacers are safe?

Quality Manufacturing – BONOSS manufactures their wheel spacers in TUV&SGS-certified facilities using CNC machining for precision. The aluminum billet used exceeds industry standards for strength and durability. Strict quality control and inspections are also part of the production process to ensure consistency. The spacers receive a durable anodized finish as well.

Safety Features – BONOSS 2024 Ford Edge wheel spacers include safety measures like ISO grade 12.9 wheel studs to ensure the lug nuts properly engage with the threads. This keeps the wheels securely fastened. Plus, anti-corrosion coating prevents rust and corrosion damage over time.

Overall, the combination of research, design, high-grade materials, and safety features makes BONOSS a go-to choice for quality and reliable 2024 Ford Edge wheel spacers. Drivers can feel confident installing these spacers without sacrificing safety or road performance. Just be sure to get professional installation and perform periodic checks as good practice when modifying your vehicle. With the right brand of wheel spacers, you can achieve the perfect stance on your new 2024 Edge.