Can I Put Off-Road Wheel Spacers On 2023 Land Rover Defender 130-xu (1)

A proper set of wheel spacers will help the Mazda 6/Atenza to handle better and, in addition to this, have a fuller appearance. Mazda is a brand from Japan, it uses different wheel spacers from Europe’s. European brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi are fixed by lug bolts. The Mazda rims are fixed with lug nuts because the Mazda hub studs cannot be lengthened, so the Mazda is not suitable for slip-on wheel spacers and requires stud-on wheel spacers.

For models that use lug nuts to fix the rims, the right thickness wheel spacer is important, as too long studs on the hub may result in the wheel spacers not fitting the rims perfectly, although it is possible to cut the threads using an angle grinder or hacksaw, choosing the right thickness of wheel spacers may be a better solution. Whether the studs affect the fit of the rims to the wheel spacers depends on the pocket depth of the rim. With a wheel groove depth + spacer thickness ≥ stud length, the wheel spacers will fit properly.



Will Wheel Spacers Improve Handling?

Wheel spacers are fitted between the rim and the hub, the wheel spacers increase the backspacing thus adjusting the offset towards the negative offset value, a negative offset rim means that the rim is pushed outwards, possibly flush with the fender. In this case, the distance between the rim on the left and right side of the vehicle is increased, resulting in an increase in track. This increase in track reduces the car’s center of lean, allowing the vehicle to better withstand the change in center of gravity during cornering, allowing for better stability during cornering while allowing for an increase in cornering speed, commonly seen in motorsport.



Wheel Spacers With Lug Nuts

Wheel spacers with lug nuts should be installed with extra care. in the case of the Mazda 6, the PCD is 5×114.3, which means that a total of 10 nuts need to be installed on a hub. Wheel spacer comes with lug nuts for wheel spacers to be fixed on the hub, the installation corresponds to the studs on the OE lug nuts are fitted after the rim has been fitted and correspond to the studs on the wheel spacers. the wrong type of lug nut is bad and dangerous.

BONOSS’ new Forged 7075-T6 Aluminium Lug Nuts (Honey-comb) are designed to fit a wide range of American and Japanese vehicles with lug nuts, including the Mazda 6/Atenza, Honda Accord, and many others. It is made from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and has a Tensile Strength of 572 Mpa or more to ensure safety on the road. It is also lighter in weight than OE lug nuts, at only 25g per lug nut, making it a superior lightweight product. The hard anodizing surface for excellent scratch resistance extends the life of the lug nuts. Best of all, up to 9 colors of lug nuts are available for you to choose from, allowing you to DIY lug nuts.