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Wheel spacers are easily one of the most common add-on accessories for four-wheel drive. The discussion about wheel spacers has always been wavering, some customers who use wheel spacers say that it is cost-effective and some say that it is not worth it, but this still does not affect many people who choose to use wheel spacers and benefit from them, all models of Mercedes-Benz wheel spacers can be found on the official website of BONOSS, and for each new generation of models, BONOSS insists on getting the most accurate wheel spacers data by measurement. The Mercedes-Benz C43 data is PCD5x112, CB66.5.

Mercedes-Benz C43 customers looking for wheel spacers can’t find the most suitable wheel spacers for C43, for many customers who know wheel spacers but don’t know how to choose, this article may provide some tips for you. Regardless of which wheel spacers to choose, the hub centric is always an important criterion to ensure the safety of the wheel.

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Hub Centric Wheel Spacers Should Be Your First Choice

Another product that corresponds to hub-centric wheel spacers is lug-centric wheel spacers, which are still sold on the market even though lug-centric wheel spacers have been criticized. This is because lug-centric wheel spacers only rely on lug nuts or wheel bolts to fix wheel spacers and wheels. If you are careful, you will find that the protruding part of the hub assembly and the recessed part of the wheel actually correspond to each other, and the normal installation should be a complete fit of the two parts. The wheel spacers are the modification parts sandwiched between the two parts. The wheel spacers need to be designed with two corresponding contact surfaces to restore the contact between the two parts, and the friction of the contact surfaces and the clamping force exerted by the wheel bolts ensure the tightening of the wheel.

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How to Check Wheel Spacers Are Installed Properly?

Highly machined hub-centric wheel spacers are mounted on the hub assembly with a piece of paper clamped to the lamination surface, the paper cannot be taken out, this is the easiest way to verify that your wheel spacers are fully laminated to the hub assembly. When the fit of wheel spacers to hub assembly is not high, the reason may be the existence of rust on the surface of hub assembly or the processing of wheel spacers is not precise enough. Please ask the manufacturer to replace the wheel spacers with qualified wheel spacers.

Hub-centric enables the wheel spacers to be in the center of the hub assembly and remains concentric, just like putting together a Lego toy, the wheels will be installed and the wheel will remain in a concentric position with the hub assembly and transmit road feedback to the chassis structure during the driving process. In the process of high-speed driving, shaking, or hearing strange sounds, please immediately check whether your wheel spacers are normal, the lack of hub-centric or poor quality hub centric will directly lead to the vehicle driving shaking, and in the case of high-speed will be shaking amplified, threatening the safety of driving.

BONOSS Always Supports Warranty

Compared to inferior unbranded products, BONOSS prints BONOSS Logo and a series of anti-counterfeiting signs on the surface of the product and the box, BONOSS official website also declared a decade of wheel spacers quality assurance, and other goods also have corresponding quality assurance regulations, when you receive the dealer or BONOSS direct sales of wheel spacers can check the quality of the product by checking the BONOSS security code.

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