If you own a Honda Talon, you may be wondering what size wheel spacers are best to give it a wider, more aggressive stance. The Talon comes stock with 12-inch wheels, but many owners choose to upgrade to aftermarket 14-inch or 15-inch wheels. When upsizing your wheels, wheel spacers are often needed to provide proper fitment and enough backspacing to avoid rubbing. In this article, we’ll discuss recommended wheel spacer sizes for the Honda Talon for both 12-inch and larger aftermarket wheels.

What size wheel spacers are best for Honda Talon?

What size wheel spacers fit Honda Talon?

If you want to add some extra width to the stance of your Talon while keeping the stock 12-inch wheels, 2-inch wheel spacers are commonly used. This pushes the wheels out 2 inches wider on each side for a total increase of 4 inches in track width. Popular brands like BONOSS offer 2-inch wheel spacers for the Talon that are hub-centric to ensure a precise fit.

With 2-inch spacers, you typically want to run longer wheel studs to ensure you have enough thread engagement. You also need to check that you have adequate clearance around the wheel wells and suspension components at full steering lock. The extra track width adds stability and allows you to run a wider tire, but too much spacer can lead to handling issues.

What size are the wheels on a Honda Talon?

When upgrading to larger 14-inch or 15-inch aftermarket wheels on a Talon, you’ll likely need at least a 1-inch spacer up front and a 2-inch spacer in the rear. This compensates for the increased offset of most aftermarket wheels compared to the stock Honda wheels.

Popular branded wheel spacers like BONOSS Designs make 1-inch and 2-inch spacers specifically for the Honda Talon. These are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum for maximum strength. Using wheel spacers in the recommended sizes will allow proper centering of the larger wheels and provide adequate clearance with the Talon’s suspension and bodywork.

Wheel spacers for the Talon should be hub-centric to avoid vibration. The spacer essentially becomes an extension of the wheel hub. Hub-centric spacers fit precisely on the Talon’s hub bore and wheel bolts to ensure everything is perfectly centered. This avoids wheel wobble and uneven tire wear.

Are Honda Talon wheel spacers safe to use?

Genuine Honda Talon wheel spacers are safe to use if you install properly. BONOSS is a reputable brand that makes hub-centric, high-quality wheel spacers for UTVs like the Honda Talon. Here are some of the benefits BONOSS wheel spacers offer.

  • CNC machined from 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum with precise tolerances. This ensures a flush fit with no vibrations.
  • Anodized coating prevents corrosion and provides an attractive finish.
  • Meet or exceed OEM static and dynamic load testing. Guaranteed safe for your vehicle.
  • Custom sizing available. You can get 1-inch, 1.5-inch, 2-inch, or custom spacers for your needs.
  • Easy, no-drill installation with all necessary hardware included. Detailed instructions provided.
  • Good value pricing compared to other premium brands.
  • Provides wider, more aggressive stance so you can run larger tires.
  • Improves handling and stability due to increased track width.

For most Talon owners, properly sized BONOSS wheel spacers allow running larger aftermarket wheels while maintaining safety and proper clearances. The quality engineering and materials stand up to off-road use while the wider stance improves the Talon’s capabilities. Just make sure to get the right spacer size for your wheel and tire combo.