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Yes, wheel spacers do help with brake kits. It is possible to upgrade to a larger brake kit for more sensitive braking performance, AP Racing, Brembo, and other brake brands have very good braking performance, more pistons, and bigger discs, most of them are bigger than stock brakes, and more space is needed to install these high-performance brake kits, this space comes from the clearance between wheel and hub assembly, the offset value of the stock wheel will affect the installation of these brake kits, a positive offset wheel may allow the installation of stock brake in space, but for aftermarket brake kit may still need more space.

Suitable Aftermarket Wheels or Wheel Spacers?

When the above situation occurs, buy aftermarket wheel or install wheel spacers to solve the problem. Of course, you can fix the problem without installing a brake kit, but obviously that would be stupid. You need to buy negative offset aftermarket wheels to install them, and you need four brand new aftermarket wheels to match. You could imagine a situation where the front wheels would not fit the wheels and you would need to buy two front wheels and the rear wheels would not line up with the front wheels. You can’t replace the front wheels with two wheels and leave the rear wheels untouched, and the money to replace four aftermarket wheels is not in your tuning budget.

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Buying wheel spacers can solve this problem. Compared with an aftermarket wheels, wheel spacers also play the function of adjusting the offset value, and it is cheaper in terms of cost. Some customers may worry that the wheel spacers will affect the bearing force, right? In fact, the replacement of negative offset aftermarket wheel will also affect, and choosing the right set of offset wheel often need to wait, offset value by the aftermarket wheel itself to adjust, you can not pick like the thickness of wheel spacers arbitrary selection. Wheel spacers increase the size of the backspacing after installation, providing more space between the wheel and hub assembly. This space will help the installation of performance brake kits, allowing them to avoid rubbing against the hub.

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If you are worried about the impact of wheel spacers on other parts, you can choose wheel spacers with smaller thicknesses. In Subaru BRZ, the default thickness of wheel spacers is 25mm, and the reason why customers buy and install wheel spacers is to upgrade the bigger brake kit, so they choose wheel spacers that just avoid the distance of the brake. After installation, the wheel spacers will be connected to the hub assembly and wheel as a semi-fixed modification part, so you don’t have to worry about the braking kit rubbing against any of them during the driving process of Subaru BRZ.

What Wheel Spacers Fit Subaru BRZ

BONOSS recommends the use of PCD 5×100, CB 56.1 hub-centric wheel spacers, the material of these wheel spacers is 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy material, in tensile strength, failure elongation, yield strength, and other data indicators better than other materials wheel spacers, in terms of performance and weight more balanced, of course, as a higher variant of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, the performance of 7075-T6 is currently the most ideal choice.

Wheel spacers are coated with a hard anodized anti-rust coating to extend the life of the wheel spacers and prevent water damage and other acidic and alkaline liquids from affecting the use of the wheel spacers, while lug nuts are coated with a Dacromet process to prevent rust and extend the life of the parts.

The latest BONOSS products are equipped with the patented Active Cooling design, which provides air circulation when driving the vehicle by carving symmetrical grooves on the back of wheel spacers to reduce the temperature of the parts, maintain the mechanical performance of the parts, and better protect driving safety.