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Using Ford Mustang wheel spacers will help your vehicle get better offset and a fuller look, buy BONOSS hub centric wheel spacers and install them with the correct instructions. When installing the wheel spacers, use a torque wrench to install the lug nuts to ensure that each lug nut is installed with the correct torque, after the installation is complete, the wheel spacers will give you a better driving experience.

Wheel spacers change the offset without replacing the rim, allowing the rim to be pushed outward to get a wider track for better stability and handling. Using sensible thickness wheel spacers on a Ford Mustang is safe, not only safe, but offers many benefits, including wider tire replacement, replacement of rims with different data, and stability at high speeds.

How Do Wheel Spacers Work?

Wider tracks can be obtained by changing the length of the axle or correcting the offset, replacing the axle is obviously a complex and expensive solution. Replacing the rims with a negative offset or buying a set of wheel spacers to push the wheels outward is the simplest solution. Getting a negative offset will cause you to buy an expensive set of alloy wheels and require them to have a smaller backspacing and negative offset, which will prevent the new rims from rubbing against the suspension or using wheel spacers to push the rims outward against the suspension. The reason for flushing the fenders is to prevent mud from being splashed onto the car on muddy roads.

With wheel spacers, it is easier to solve these problems and preserve your OE wheels. Additionally, wheel spacers can address rims with different PCD and CB data, providing more space between the positive offset rim and the suspension to avoid rubbing. Finally, given that most off-road vehicles have OEM wide-bodies, wheel spacers help improve the aesthetics of wheels that sink inside the fenders. In fact, wheel spacers add space to the backspacing for the purpose of rims wanting to push out, Back Spacing and Offset are two positively correlated values, Back Spacing refers to the “distance from the back of the mounting pad to the rear lip of the wheel“. The larger the backspacing value, the larger the offset value, and the smaller the backspacing value, the smaller the offset value.


Which Wheel Spacers Are Safe?

Safe wheel spacers basically have hub centric design, hub centric to a large extent to ensure that the high-speed driving under the phenomenon of shaking, due to the relative concentric position of rim and hub, poor quality wheel spacers without hub centric lead to nut fixing wear and tear of wheel spacers lose and rims shaking, shaking phenomenon usually occurs in the process of high-speed driving;

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In addition, the material selection is based on 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum alloy materials, the Hardness and Tensile Strength of the material is the consideration index of wheel spacers, the hardness of the material may be in general performance in tensile strength, aluminum alloy material is the most ideal material in between, 7075-T6 Ultimate Tensile Strength even reached 74000-78000 psi (510-572 Mpa), Tensile Yield Strength reached 63000-69000 psi (434-503 Mpa).



Choosing high-quality aluminum hub centric wheel spacers will ensure the safety of the product quality.