BONOSS 2022 Land Rover Wheel Spacers

If you try to find out who has experience in installing wheel spacers on Land Rover’s forum? Half of the owners are discussing how to choose the right thickness of wheel spacers for off-road purposes, and the other half are citing various hypotheses to counter the installation of wheel spacers. then let BONOSS answer the question of who has installed 2022 Land Rover wheel spacers, and then share the owners’ opinions and resolve the doubts.

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In our installation cases, many owners choose wheel spacers because they are used for off-road, and the thickness of wheel spacers is also very special, off-road vehicle brands choose wheel spacers of popular models such as Land Rover, Tacoma, Jeep JK, Jeep Grand Cherokee and so on. There is a reason why Land Rover is one of the best off-road brands, with a strong chassis structure that is suitable for modifications and maintains the appropriate road passing ability, click HERE to find out more about the 2022 Land Rover vehicles.

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If you Google the photos of Land Rover off-road, you will be surprised to find that most of their wheels are protruding from the fender, while the suspension is higher than the original, which gives the Land Rover a wider track, which means a more stable grip and makes your Land Rover perform more in the harsh outdoor environment. In addition, the wider track also helps the vehicle show greater resistance to rollover when passing over roads with a large incline angle. More information about Wheel Spacers for Off-road can be found here.

In our previous article, we know that 5mm-10mm wheel spacers are generally chosen by more car owners for cosmetic and brake modification reasons, while larger thicknesses such as 20mm-30mm wheel spacers are chosen by owners who like to go off-road, why is this? Is the only way to achieve a wider track is to buy bigger and wider wheels? Obviously on this issue wheel spacers do have a place.

“For what it is worth, my findings for many years with wheel spacers.
– wider track could give better stability
– wider track can give a netter turning circle
– wider track can create space for wider tires
– wider track gives to some people a better look at the vehicle
– we have not had problems on different vehicles with them after many, many miles”

“All this said from experience there is normally ALOT of safety margin designed into steering components of 4wd’s so a bit of extra width isn’t going to smash things On a Hilux axle more than 30mm wheel spacers you will get a noticeable increase in wear of consumables (kingpin bearings, ball joints, etc) they will handle up to 50mm before you’re looking at damage level and I know some running 75mm each side in trials that with regular maintenance are not failing.”

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In the above comments, we can see the fair comments on the installation of wheel spacers on Land Rover 2022. There is no doubt that the proper thickness of wheel spacers can bring driving stability to the vehicle, but also in the modification process should respect the Offset space given by the original vehicle manufacturer, too much offset may shorten the life of the vehicle. This is why owners choose wheel spacers of different thicknesses for modification and do not overstate the role of wheel spacers when modifying for off-road purposes, adjusting the performance of the vehicle chassis and wheels and other parts can provide better driving pleasure for owners. In addition, regular inspection of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle’s driving condition is also recommended by BONOSS, a reasonable inspection time should be 100 miles, of course, in the outdoor strenuous off-road activities, we are also recommended to check within a short period of time.