If you own a 2018 Ford F150 pickup truck, you may be wondering if adding wheel spacers is a good idea. Wheel spacers are attractive to truck owners because they push the wheels outward, giving the truck a wider, more aggressive stance. However, there are some important factors to consider before installing wheel spacers on your F150. In this article, we’ll take a look at whether 2018 F150 wheel spacers are safe and recommended to use.

Are 2018 F150 Wheel Spacers Good to Run?

Are Wheel Spacers Safe for a 2018 F150?

The short answer is yes, wheel spacers are generally safe to install on a 2018 F150 as long as you follow a few key guidelines:

Get wheel spacers designed specifically for your F150’s bolt pattern, hub size, etc. Going with a universal fit spacer instead of F150-specific could be unsafe.

Stick to moderate spacer sizes under 2 inches of added offset. The more dramatic the offset, the more stress on components.

Get wheel spacers from a reputable brand and ensure they are high-quality. Cheap spacers may have structural flaws.

Have a professional install the spacers and perform an alignment afterwards. Proper installation is critical.

Check spacer bolts regularly to ensure they do not loosen over time. Loose spacers can be extremely dangerous.

As long as you follow these precautions, a set of 1-2 inch wheel spacers from a trusted manufacturer will generally not compromise the safety of your 2018 F150. However, you do need to be vigilant about installation and maintenance.

What Size Wheel Spacers Fit a 2018 F150?

2018 F150 trucks came equipped from the factory with wheels ranging from 17 to 22 inches. Here are some of the most common 2018 F150 wheel sizes and appropriate spacer options:

17 Inch Wheels – 25 or 35mm spacers are common

18 Inch Wheels – 30 or 35mm spacers are common

20 Inch Wheels – 35 or 45mm spacers are common

22 Inch Wheels – 45mm spacers are common

These are just general guidelines, as precise spacer fit depends on your truck’s make and model specifics. Always look up product fitment information before purchasing wheel spacers.

In addition to diameter, you’ll also need spacers matched to your 5×135 bolt pattern and 67.1mm hub bore. These are standard dimensions on 2018 F150 trucks. An incorrect bolt pattern or hub bore is a safety hazard, so double check this when shopping.

What Size Rims Fit on a 2018 F150?

The 2018 F150 left the factory on rims ranging from 17 to 22 inches in diameter. Here’s a quick look at popular sized rims that directly bolt onto your 2018 F150:

17 Inch Rims – This is the smallest factory size, giving a smoother ride. Requires at least a 225/65 tire.

18 Inch Rims – This is the most common OEM size. Allows for 235/65 to 265/60 tires.

20 Inch Rims – Provides a sporty look and requires a 265/60 or 275/55 tire minimum.

22 Inch Rims – The largest factory size, requires a 275/45 tire or larger. Provides maximum street presence.

Keep in mind your 2018 F150 can fit larger diameter rims as well by using wheel adapters to adjust the bolt pattern/hub bore. This allows you to run 24” or even 26” rims for a super aggressive stance. However, going too large negatively impacts ride quality and handling.

Best Wheel Spacers  for 2018 F150

BONOSS is known for making some of the highest quality wheel spacers on the market. Their spacers are specially engineered for each application, including 2018 F150 trucks. Here’s a look at why BONOSS may be the best brand for your 2018 Ford:

Precise Fitment – BONOSS spacers are designed specifically for your F150’s 6×135 bolt pattern and other specs. No need to compromise with “universal” spacers that may not fit correctly.

Strong Yet Lightweight – BONOSS uses durable 6061T6 or 7075T6 aluminum alloy constructed to tight tolerances. Gives great strength without adding excess weight.

Anodized Coating – An anodized coating protects the spacers from corrosion and rust while giving a sleek black finish.

No Modifications Needed – BONOSS spacers bolt right up to factory hubs without any modifications required.

10-Year Warranty – Manufacturer defects are covered for 10 years from original purchase date.

For these reasons, upgrading to BONOSS wheel spacers is a great choice for 2018 F150 owners wanting to improve their truck’s stance. Just be sure to have a professional handle the install.

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