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Wheel spacers have been used for many offroad models. 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor as one of the expected models, the order sales are too large leading to only ask at the dealership to wait, people have high expectations for this off-road Ford models, has been disclosed information about the vehicle is known to use the V6 engine, horsepower enough to cope with Exciting rugged terrain, and in the suspension as strong as ever, and equipped with a corresponding monitoring system to provide precision vehicle driving status and road feedback. We believe that the wheels of the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor will continue to use the PCD 6×139.7, based on the details of the vehicle announced by Ford Bronco can know, and 17-inch stock wheels equipped with 37-inch tires can cope with quite a complex terrain, while the Ford off-road models are also seen from the characteristics of the wide body that comes with the larger fender is accompanied by longer spring travel.

Why Wheel Spacers Fit the Offroad Ford Bronco Raptor?

Wheel Spacers, as a good friend of off-road vehicle modification, have been competing with negative offset wheels for the position, whether it is better to have a pair of negative offset wheels or cost-effective wheel spacers? If you want to keep the Ford Bronco Raptor’s 37-inch tires and wheels, then wheel spacers will be better because the Ford Bronco Raptor’s advertising of the stock wheel is not difficult to see as an off-road vehicle, this pair of wheels is completely adequate, the purchase of a set of offset aftermarket wheels often comes with an adjustment of the offset value, too much offset on the bearing leverage is often greater than installing four wheel spacers, and the thickness of the wheel spacers is optional, offset value wheels often need to wait or customize, the replacement process is also more complicated than wheel spacers are more complex.

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Wheel spacers push the stock wheels outward until they are in the right position, BONOSS often recommends that the wheels be flush with the fender, whereas in off-road cases, flush or protruding fenders are common and require thicker wheel spacers, which can range from 30mm-60mm. These wheel spacers are not only available for the new 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor, but also for the earlier models, Bronco Sport and Bronco I. Although different PCD and CB data are used, BONOSS also has corresponding wheel spacers, this series of models are positioned as off-road models, so BONOSS stock wheel spacers tend to be 25mm or more, if you need to customize extra thick wheel spacers, please contact our customer service staff, BONOSS will provide all the help for customers.

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What Did the Ford Bronco Raptor Get From Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers have widened the track of the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor, the wheels are positioned more outward, and the offset value will be more negative, all of which points to the Ford Bronco Raptor’s road holding and anti-roll performance. When the Bronco Raptor needs to pass obstacles, the higher ground clearance helps the vehicle, but at the same time the higher ground clearance also comes with the possibility of rolling, we can also easily see in the Ford Bronco Raptor’s images that the distance between the wheels and the fender lining is larger, the use of wheel spacers will help the vehicle reduce the magnitude of roll and improve the vehicle’s ability to pass over off-road terrain.

Wheel Spacers Comes with A More Intuitive Driving Feeling.

The Ford Bronco Raptor with the addition of wheel spacers adds backspacing for more consistent performance in the corners, as shown by the ability to allow higher speeds through the corners. The front wheel scrub radius adjustment may be more intuitive in terms of feedback on the steering wheel, and modern cars often have electronic power assist systems that allow you to drive the vehicle more carefully and intuitively.

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