Wheel spacers complete the Toyota Harrier stance. Most people care more about the appearance of a vehicle, both from the front and the back, which explains the recognition of certain vehicles with very stylish exterior designs. Of course, the side of the vehicle is also very important, whether it’s streamlined or stiff bodywork will make people look good, while the recessed wheel position is a headache for many customers, whether to replace a new set of negative offset wheels or install wheel spacers?

How to Get A Better Stance?

Before you choose to buy wheel spacers, you need to determine the thickness of the wheel spacers you want, it will depend on which position you want to push the wheels outward, BONOSS recommends that the state of flush with the fender is more ideal, of course, the stock settings of each car are different, you can use a longer right angle ruler to measure, put one end of the ruler is perpendicular to the outside of the tire, and the other end is perpendicular to the bottom of the fender, you can observe the distance on the lateral side of the ruler (fender to the outside of the tire), this distance is the distance the wheels need to be pushed outward, but also the thickness of the wheel spacers.

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Why Flushing Will Be better Stance?

Wheels flush with the fender are ideal, because, in a flush position, the wheels will not rub against the inner liner, nor against the edge of the road. Wheels protruding from the fender will probably result in splashes of sewage and mud during driving, and the existence of the fender will be worthless, and you will need to clean the vehicle frequently. Wheel spacers may be installed for various reasons, if it is for cosmetic reasons, the value of wheel spacers is not much, it is worth mentioning that some aftermarket wheels have rubbed against the suspension and inner lining due to improper offset value, and some customers also buy wheel spacers to solve this problem.

If you just want to solve the above problem, wheel spacers are totally your first choice, the role of wheel spacers is to reduce the backspacing and adjust the offset value, after installing wheel spacers push the wheels outward to flush with the fender or a specific position. Wheel spacers do the same thing as negative offset wheels, and there is a big difference in the cost of the two. After purchasing a set of offset wheels, the wheels will be placed in a specific location. However, wheel spacers are also available in optional thicknesses, and with wheel spacers being removable and available in optional thicknesses, the cost of replacing wheel spacers is much less.

Offroad Models Are Special

Offroad models are different from cars, these vehicles need wheel spacers to get better road passing ability, and obstacle passing ability, bigger wheel spacers are always their first choice, and after installing wheel spacers wheels will be on the outer side of fenders. After the installation of wheel spacers off-road stance is very aggressive, the appearance of the hard style can also let others feel the thrill of a wilderness shuttle.


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