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There are many advantages to installing wheel spacers on the 2022 Tesla Model Y. Wheel spacers are beneficial for all models that fit wheel spacers and can solve specific problems for certain models, such as wheel rubbing against spring shocks, and upgrading to larger performance packages, etc., and the reason wheel spacers are chosen by most Tesla Model Y is that the stock wheels have a slight recess, which allows for better performance in terms of vehicle stance, and wheel spacers provide the right space for the wheels to be in the right place, restoring the vehicle’s full body. At the same time, wheel spacers can provide more added value to Tesla Model Y.

Wheel Spacers Can Provide More Space.

Wheel spacers are the parts installed between the wheel and hub assembly, the role is to adjust the ET value and Backspacing value to provide more space. When some customers modify the high-performance brake kit, they find that the wheel cannot be installed normally after the installation of the brake, and the wheel rubs against the brake kit, and the easiest way is to buy the corresponding model of wheel spacers because the wheel spaces are installed in the hub assembly and fixed by lug nuts, the wheel spacers themselves do not have any contact with the brake kit, and the wheel is mounted on the studs of the wheel spacers. The wheel is mounted on the studs of the wheel spacers, and there is no need to worry about the quality of the wheel spacers, as BONOSS provides the test data of all the parts and obtains the most authoritative inspection report through professional SGS and TUV inspection agencies. The Wheel avoids friction with the brake kit by gaining greater backspacing, and the Tesla Model Y can be driven normally.

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Not only does it provide more space for upgrading the brake kit, but it also allows you to fix offset wheels with incorrect ET values. Wheels with incorrect offset values often show excessive positive offset values and friction between the inside of the wheel and the spring suspension system, in which case wheel spacers can also correct the offset value by pushing the wheel push outward to avoid friction with the suspension system. It is worth mentioning that the use of wheel spacers may not necessarily solve the problem in the case of friction with the inner liner already.

Wheel Spacers Can Reduce the Amount of Vehicle Roll.

Whether it is Tesla Model Y or other vehicles, the higher the ground clearance, the greater the amplitude of roll when passing through the corner at the same speed, and the greater the possibility of roll, in order to correct the amplitude of roll, lower the body height or install wheel spacers to adjust the track appropriately. 15mm wheel spacers at the front wheels and 20mm wheel spacers at the rear wheels. It is feasible to match wheel spacers of different thicknesses, and wheel spacers within a reasonable thickness range can be selected according to the offset of the wheels.

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Wheel Spacers Improve Vehicle Stance.

The Tesla Model Y and most of the vehicles on the market have a wheel part that is hidden under the fender in the factory setting, even showing a concave body line, but most customers prefer the wheel to be flush with the fender, and some customers driving off-road vehicles even like to push the wheel to the outside of the fender. For cars in the city, wheel spacers between 15mm and 25mm can get a better vehicle stance and enhance the driving experience to a certain extent. Off-road customers may need wheel spacers between 25mm and 50mm, or even custom-made wheel spacers of a specific thickness. Regardless, choosing the right wheel spacers will help improve the body line, get a fuller appearance and present a more aggressive stance.

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