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BONOSS has designed special hub centric wheel spacers for all Porsche models including 911, 718, Macan, Taycan, etc. Porsche is popular as a classic German-made sports car brand and the 911 model is still your first choice as a classic Porsche model spanning several years. The wheel spacers are the welcomed choice for Porsche, especially for the 911 model, which has nearly 400 horsepower and is seeking speedy throttle response, smooth handling during cornering, and a first-class streamlined body. The rim is flush with the fender for a perfect look, and the track is widened for more considerate cornering handling.

In more modification cases, we have found that Porsche customers tend to choose to use the titanium wheel stud conversion kit with wheel spacers, which has the advantage of not requiring the purchase of a new set of OEM extended lug bolts. With the wheel spacers installed, a set of extended OEM extended lug bolts would need to be purchased, and these lug bolts would only be the right length for use with the wheel spacers installed, and with the wheel spacers removed, these lug bolts would no longer match the OE rims, and the excessive length of the lug bolts will cause the threads of the bolts to disengage, leading to safety accidents. The use of a stud conversion kit, on the other hand, allows for use with wheel spacers removed, and its fastening method will shift to lug nuts fastening, and the protruding studs will provide the rim with more aggressive style details that make a statement.

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How Thick Does The Stud Conversion Kit Allow For Use With Wheel Spacers?

Searching for Stud Conversion Kit on Google, you can find out the length of the product, most of the products only provide a maximum of 60mm, based on this length may allow a 10mm wheel spacer to be used, while the standard length of BONOSS Titanium Stud Conversion Kit is 75mm, which is longer than other products on the market. Perhaps because of the tensile strength and yield strength of the material, the material used in ordinary stud conversion kit may be alloy steel or carbon steel, because of the lack of material stretch caused by the high hardness of alloy steel, titanium alloy has become a more ideal material. BONOSS designed the stud conversion kit can allow 20mm wheel spacers with the use of personalized even provide 85mm length options, which is very friendly to customers who intend to use wheel spacers.

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In the case of the Porsche 911 installation, 5mm hub centric wheel spacers were installed. The design of the Porsche hub centric wheel spacers is different from other vehicles in detail because some of the Porsche models are not designed with a circular shape on the hub, but with a multi-finger wheel style. So even though the hub centric wheel spacers are not fully guaranteed to be fixed, BONOSS has designed three-finger hub style wheel spacers for Porsche, by measuring the fingers of the hub and designing the corresponding hub centric groove for fixing, to better match the Porsche 911.

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Why Should I Choose Titanium Stud Conversion Kit?

While commercially available stud conversion kits are usually made of alloy steel, carbon steel, or other materials, BONOSS has designed its stud conversion kits to use titanium alloy because of its strength, which is comparable to alloy steel, but has other properties that are even better, as it has a higher melting point and allows the product to operate at temperatures up to 550°, while maintaining the toughness of the material at low temperatures, reflecting the fact that titanium is better able to handle the extreme environmental conditions that vehicle drivers may face.

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Most of the stud conversion kits on the market are black because of the anti-rust treatment. Even the best anti-rust coating treatment will come off during long mechanical work, not because of corrosion, but abrasion. While the titanium alloy naturally forms a dense oxide film with air at 550°to give it excellent corrosion resistance to seawater, acids, alkalis, salts, and other media, which is the property of the material itself rather than the rust-proof coating. The application of titanium alloy products in automotive parts manufacturing is promising, but at the same time, it is limited by the expensive cost of raw materials, BONOSS insists on designing and producing high-quality performance kits, we hope to provide customers with not only the best products today but also the latest products that are in line with the future.