There can be no doubt that the wheel spacers is the most cost-effective solution of big rims and tires.

For many car enthusiasts, changing to bigger wheels and tires has become one of the most popular upgrades.

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When to Use Wheel Spacers for Aftermarket Wheels?

[fusion_dropcap color=”#EDC657″ text_color=”” boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=””]W[/fusion_dropcap]hen you are ready to level up your car, it is a good chance to upgrade the wheels. Aftermarket wheels not only enhance the look, making your car more stylish but also improve the performance to a certain extent. Bigger tires provide better cornering and more stability, but they also need more space from rubbing the inside of the wheel well and the outer fenders.

BONOSS wheel spacers are an easy way of creating the desired clearance to correct the offset by pushing the wheels away from the wheel hub assembly. This added spacing is necessary for keeping those larger tires for your vehicle from crashing into the fenders and suspension when operating a full turn. Wheel spacers result be cost-effective when used in the installation of wider wheels. This also saves the cost of buying a set of new custom aftermarket wheels or tires. Let’s know about wheel offset first:

Offset refers to the distance in millimeters from the wheel’s centerline to the mounting plate of the wheel. Since that the mounting plate can be either in front of, coincide or behind the centerline, the offset can be either positive, neutral, or negative.

A positive offset is when the mounting plate is in front of the centerline of the wheel. The mounting plate will be closer to the outside. Neutral offset is when the wheel’s mounting plate is exactly in line with the centerline. They are often referred to as “ET0” wheels. Wheels with negative offset have the mounting plate located behind the centerline of the wheel. The mounting plate will be closer to the inside.


An excessive positive offset will cause the inner edge of your rims and tires to rub against the suspension components. It can also negatively affect your car’s handling, making it potentially dangerous to drive. In this case, wheel spacers can create the desired clearance to correct the offset by pushing the wheels away from the vehicle hub. Through this function, they can give your car an excellent look.

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Hubcentric Wheel Spacers Safe for Rims

The other reason why you need wheel spacers for aftermarket wheels is the conversion ability of these parts. Wheel spacers with conversion functions are called wheel adapters. They allow you to fit wheels to your vehicle when the PCD doesn’t match. By using the wheel adapters, you can build your own PCD conversion custom specification, e.g., 5×130 to 5×120 wheel adapters. By putting a wheel adapter on the G63 that has a 5×130 bolt pattern on the hub side (that will fasten with the matching lug bolts) and the wheel mounting side of the adapter will have matching inner lug nuts on it in a 5×120 bolt pattern. This allows 5×120 wheels to be attached to a 5×130 hub assembly.

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers for Land Rover Defender 90 110 V8 SVR

Bolt-on Wheel Spacers

Bolt-on spacers are bolted to the existing studs with the provided lug nuts and then using your stock lug nuts to secure the wheel on the new studs pressed into the spacer.

bmw wheel spacers 10mm wheel spacers 5x112 bmw i4 wheel spacers

Slip-on Wheel Spacers

Slip-on wheel spacers slide over your existing wheel studs. They are installed between the hub assembly and the wheel. If you need less than 15mm, we recommend these.


Custom Wheel Adapters

Wheel adapters can change the bolt pattern and center bore to allow you to mount various wheels. If you intend to convert PCD, then wheel adapters will be an effective solution.

BONOSS offers a huge range of wheel adapters to fit a massive variety of different vehicles. Manufactured by our own factory, these wheel adapters are made by modern CNC 0.02mm tolerance machining to the highest possible quality and are fully SGS, TUV ISO standard certificated. All BONOSS wheel spacers are matching with all necessary hardware components including wheel lug nuts or wheel bolts to suit your vehicle. Every vehicle is different, so please make sure which is suitable for your requirements. And, if you meet any problem with the selection, we have a support team that consists of professionals ready to help.

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