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Wheel spacers are often used on a range of Tesla models for many reasons, perhaps because of cosmetic improvements, to upgrade a larger brake kit, or perhaps to replace unsuitable wheels that need to be converted to data. In any case, the number of customers using wheel spacers on Tesla is very high, and what they ultimately want to achieve with wheel spacers is the same for Tesla Model Y customers, with wheel spacers filling the gap between the wheel and the outside of the fender to get a fuller look.

When to Install Wheel Spacers?

Replace the PCD with different data, CB data aftermarket wheels can use wheel spacers, another name for wheel spacers is wheel adapter, because wheel spacers is a modification accessory sandwiched between wheel and hub assembly, the hub centric of wheel spacers plays the role of taking over, after customers buy aftermarket wheel, CB value is too large can be converted through wheel adapters, similarly, different PCD can also be converted, the above situation often occurs after customers buy aftermarket wheel, BONOSS provides wheel spacers/adapters customization service for specific data, when you meet the favorite aftermarket wheels, don’t hesitate, BONOSS will help you solve the problem.

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When to Install Wheel Spacers On 2022 Tesla Model Y?-xu (4)

In addition to PCD, CB data, replacing aftermarket wheels may also encounter the situation that offset value is large, that is, positive offset, aftermarket wheels and shock suspension kit friction, through wheel spacers can increase the backspacing that is, adjust the offset value. If the offset value is adjusted to zero offset or negative offset, the wheels will not rub against the suspension kit. Of course, negative offset values are not always good, exaggerated negative offset values will push the wheels to the outside of the fender, causing the leverage of the bearings to become apparent and the bearings may be subjected to more stress, the correct thickness of wheel spacers will be a more appropriate solution in the two extreme cases mentioned above.

Wheel spacers are the most cost-effective modification accessory to improve the concave stock wheel stance. Like the principle mentioned above, push the wheel to flush with the fender, many customers are very satisfied with this, choose 15mm-25mm wheel spacers can get a more perfect vehicle stance.

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Full-cone Seat and Special Cone Seat

15mm Tesla Model Y wheel spacers have a special lug nuts seat, 20mm wheel spacers are designed with a full-cone seat, which allows the lug nuts to achieve the maximum area of contact through the specially designed seat, and the lug nuts can be installed with a torque wrench to create maximum friction and clamping force with the wheel spacers seat. The special seat takes into account whether the size of the lug nuts will affect the wheel installation, BONOSS found that the 15mm wheel spacers lug nuts were too large and the wheel could not be installed.

In this case, BONOSS specially designed the special cone seat, which can be seen from the diagram still retains the corresponding contact surface but is equipped with smaller lug nuts, seat, and lug nuts contact surface design. The design of the seat and lug nuts contact surface can maintain the original clamping force without affecting the installation of the wheel.

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