Honda Fit uses bolt-on hub-centric wheel spacers, you can find a lot of Honda Fit wheel spacers on Google, which includes wheel spacers produced by BONOSS, H&R, Eibach, and other famous brands, using these brands of wheel spacers is more guaranteed, they will provide a longer product warranty, and at the same time more professional in production than the general small companies, BONOSS provides Honda Fit wheel spacers, through measurement and calibration to get the most accurate PCD, CB data, production accuracy 0.02mm wheel spacers.

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Where Are Wheel Spacers for 2022 Honda Fit?

You can find wheel spacers including Honda Fit and other products on the BONOSS website, or if you need to buy offline, you can find BONOSS distributors worldwide and contact them to get suitable wheel spacers. We will pack your wheel spacers and send them to the courier as fast as possible, usually, this will take 5-7 days, no matter where you are, BONOSS can deliver the product to you, so far, chosen BONOSS customers in more than 80 countries and regions around the world. In the future, we will focus on auto wheel accessories (including wheel spacers, wheel bolts, wheel nuts, etc.) and strive to provide more professional, safer, higher quality, and more versatile products for our customers.

Why Choose Wheel Spacers From BONOSS?

BONOSS, as one of the large-scale companies that design and produce wheel spacers, always insists on measuring the actual data of the vehicle. Since the installation of wheel spacers needs to be connected with hub assembly and wheel, PCD and CB are two essential data, the design of wheel spacers hub centric needs to match the size and contact surface of the hub assembly, while wheel hub centric also needs to match with wheel spacers, a larger contact surface can help wheel and hub assembly get more friction, eliminating the possibility of wheel spacers shaking at high speed. BONOSS process these details as fine as 0.02mm, and the gap between wheel spacers and hub assembly will be reduced, which is the safest design.

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BONOSS is able to provide authoritative testing agency certification, we are committed to providing our customers with excellent performance products, these products are tested and certified by third-party authoritative testing agencies for materials and construction, TUV and SGS are our familiar friends and trusted third-party certification agencies, we test our products through these two agencies and put the corresponding test reports on our official website, so far, BONOSS products in the TUV and SGS testing program has achieved excellent results.

BONOSS wheel spacers have the patented Active Cooling technology and we have developed the new Lightweight Plus wheel spacers. Active Cooling wheel spacers bring customers active heat dissipation technology, through the design of the air guide slots allowing more air to enter to carry away heat, which means wheel spacers are stronger in terms of heat resistance, allowing higher temperatures to work. The design has been upgraded with formal wheel spacers to reduce unwanted areas, and the symmetrical wheel spacers design will retain the original structural strength but be more vehicle friendly in terms of weight, with an average weight reduction of 30% compared to the previous generation.

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