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Are you worried that the type of the original lug bolts will be affected when using wheel spacers? Worried if you need to replace the lug bolts? Are you confused about how to choose the matching aftermarket lug bolts? Different wheel spacers determine whether or not the lug bolts need to be replaced, so let’s take a look at how to choose the right lug bolts once wheel spacers have been installed.

Three Conditions of Wheel Spacer

In the BONOSS range, Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers and Active Cooling Wheel Spacers are divided into three types, the first being Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers for European bolt-on models, which are fitted with aftermarket lug bolts after the wheel spacers have been fitted. The requirement for lug bolts is to increase the thickness of the wheel spacers over the length of the original lug bolts, also when using the original rim, the contact surfaces of the aftermarket lug bolts and the rim should be the same, the contact surfaces are conical, ball, flat, the wrong contact surface will cause the lug bolts not to tighten and damage the structure of the rim.

The second type is the Active Cooling Wheel Spacers for European bolt-on models, where the wheel spacers are fixed to the hub assembly using the lug bolts that come with the wheel spacers, and then the lug bolts that come with the vehicle are used to fix the wheel spacers to the hub assembly. In this type of wheel spacer installation, you do not need to replace the aftermarket lug bolts, the original lug bolts are still used. The third type of wheel spacers is based on the second type, replacing the aftermarket lug bolts on the bolts holding the rim. The customer can choose other types of aftermarket lug bolts according to their preference, and the requirements for the aftermarket lug bolts are the length of the original lug bolts, the thread size, and the same contact surface as the rim, giving the customer more choice while ensuring data consistency.

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Can I Change the Lug Bolts Pattern?

The 2022 Volvo XC90 wheel adapter can be used to change the bolt pattern in order to correctly fit the aftermarket rim or other vehicle rims to the Volvo XC90. For example, the bolt pattern for the 2022 Volvo XC90 consists of 5 x 108 PCD, 63.3mm center hole, and M14 x 1.5 thread type. If you want to fit a new set of offset rims with 5 x 112 PCD and 66.5mm center hole to your 2022 Volvo XC90, you will need to fit wheel spacers with the same specifications as the new rims.

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What Are My Options For Aftermarket Lug Bolts?

The first of these is the Grade 12.9 Lug Bolts, a unique 12-flap lug bolts design, which is a superb one-off lug bolt that cannot be produced by post-turning processes. The material is forged from SCM440 high tensile steel, which has significantly better overall performance than SCM435 and is far superior to the 35CrMo and 40Cr commonly found on the market. (Due to the high price of SCM440 high tensile steel and the high processing equipment and tooling requirements, production costs are much higher than ordinary steel, and our products are mainly used for high performance and high strength products. Please refer to the material qualification report for BONOSS bolts provided by TUV and SGS on the official website).

The spacer construction effectively eliminates bolt loosening and rattling caused by the PCD bore being out of alignment with the hub axle head during the drive. The spacer material is forged 7075T6 aluminum alloy, which is completely superior to 6061 series aluminum alloys, meeting both lightweight and performance requirements. The large diameter shaft design of the bolt, i.e. the rod diameter is larger than the thread diameter, improves the extreme performance of the bolt.

The second one is Shell Type Wheel Lock & Bolt Kit. It uses Special Shell-type Design, making it easier to disassemble. Convenient to change the style
and replace it, bringing a different styling experience. In addition, The special shell-type design simultaneously adapts to a variety of bolt threads M12x1.5 / M14x1.25 / M14x1.5. More Shell-type Color Options, BONOSS forged grade 12.9 wheel bolts are matched with eight shell colors. More collocation possibilities

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More aftermarket lug bolt styles are still being updated, so stay tuned.