Porsche 911 is one of the most iconic and popular sports cars in the world. It has a distinctive design, powerful performance and excellent handling. However, some owners may want to customize their 911s to improve the appearance, stance and handling of their vehicles. One of the common modifications that 911 owners consider is installing hub-centric wheel spacers.

Is worth running Porsche 911 wheel spacers?

Why do you need Porsche 911 wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are metal discs that fit between the wheel hub and the wheel. They increase the distance between the wheel and the hub, effectively pushing the wheel outwards. This creates a wider track width and reduces the gap between the wheel and the fender. Wheel spacers can have several benefits for Porsche 911 owners.

  • Enhancing the aesthetics of the vehicle by giving it a more aggressive and sporty look.
  • Improving the stability and cornering of the vehicle by increasing the contact patch of the tires and reducing body roll.
  • Allowing the use of larger or wider wheels and tires that may not fit otherwise due to clearance issues.
  • Correcting the offset of aftermarket wheels that may not match the original specifications of the vehicle.

Which type of Porsche 911 wheel spacers do you need?

Whether it is worth running Porsche 911 wheel spacers depends on several factors:

  • The size, width and offset of the wheels and tires that are currently installed on the vehicle or that are intended to be installed.
  • The type, quality and fitment of the wheel spacers that are available for the vehicle.
  • The driving style, preferences and expectations of the owner.
  • The budget, time and expertise of the owner or the installer.

To summarize, wheel spacers can be a useful and effective modification for Porsche 911 owners if they bump compatible, quality and right-size spacers. It is advisable to consult a professional mechanic or a reputable wheel spacer manufacturer before installing wheel spacers on a Porsche 911.

Is worth running Porsche 911 wheel spacers?

Which Porsche 911 wheel spacers are worth running?

You want spacers added to your 911 to boost the look, performance or fit adapted components without compromising the issues brought by spacers, you can get BONOSS Porsche 911 wheel spacers. They are compatible, durable and multi-functional.

As a brand only focusing on the wheel spacers production, BONOSS spacers are customized for almost all vehicle models and range from 5mm spacers to 70mm spacers to cover all demands in the market. For every Porsche model, they have a special bolt pattern and hub bore. Porsche 911 is 5×130 bolt pattern and 71.6 hub bore. BONOSS Porsche 911 wheel spacers are CNC-machined maintaining the process tolerance under 0.02mm, which ensures the fitment of size. Nevertheless, BONOSS spacers can fit your 911 better than other brand spacers because of the multi-stage and hub-centric. You might have be advised by some Youtubers that you ought to purchase hub-centric and staged wheel spacers.

But why? A lug-centric spacer can not secure the hub tightly. Put them on the hub, they can shake and move. Driving with them, you can hear the noise and feel the vibration. It is a sign of danger! You at least pump hub-centric wheel spacers in your cars to secure the hub and maintain the balance when wheels rotate. Considering the chamfers and stages in all hub bores and wheel bores, it is recommended to run multi-stage spacers which are deliberately manufactured to fit the shape of the hub bore and wheel bore of your 911.

BONOSS Porsche 911 wheel spacers are high-quality and high-performance spacers. The spacers and paired bolts are made from high-strength material. The spacers are forged 7075-T6 aluminum alloy which possess 74,000-78,000 psi (510-538 MPa) tensile strength and 63,000-69,000 psi (434-476 MPa) yield strength. Some cast and poor spacers can break but BONOSS spacers will not. You can operate a simple experiment: hit the BONOSS spacer with a cast one, and the result is obvious. The cast spacer is knocked out of the gap, while BONOSS spacer is still new.

BONOSS Porsche 911 wheel spacers are outstanding not only for the quality and fitment, but the unique designs which are enumerated as active cooling grooves, disassembly grooves, knurl cross patterns, and anodized black coating. Among them, the active cooling grooves are the only globally patented design. These grooves are devised based on aerodynamics to relieve thermal decay and improve brake response. The function has been practically verified.