As long as you use quality 1.5-inch wheel spacers and install them properly to prevent flexing and loss of clamp force, they are very safe and reliable for off-road. In fact, 1.5-inch wheel spacers make no difference as wheels with a negative offset. Whether you add a 1.5-inch spacer or install a wheel with -38.1mm offset, the rim is still the same 38.1mm extra from the vehicle hub. The wheel lugs apply a clamping force to secure the spacer and wheel to the vehicle hub. When the wheel bolts are properly tightened, they will stretch elastically to keep everything in the right place. If they torqued properly, they will never come off. According to the mechanical structure of wheels, hub-centric wheel spacers are better than lug-centric ones. Because hub-centric 1.5-inch wheel spacers are centered by the center metal ring of the wheel and the hub flange. This allows the wheel to support the vehicle’s weight and fill the gap for a more tightly fit, reducing vibration.

Will 1.5-inch Wheel Spacers Allow for Wider Tires?

Installing 1.5-inch wheel spacers provides proper space to safely install larger wheels and tires. Most stock wheels have a positive offset to allow for adding a bit wider tires or winter chains. However, not all wheel offsets are the same. When changing to a larger tire, the wheel backspacing needs to change as well, or the bigger tires may hit the suspension parts. Sometimes, a larger offset rim can fit a wider tire without problems. If your budget is not enough for a set of new offset rims, look no further than off-road wheel spacers. Giving an example, the perfect wheel offset is +50mm. If your offset is +89mm, then installing 1.5-inch wheel spacers will make these wheels fit properly (89 – 38.1 = 50.9). The further the wheel is away from the vehicle hub, the better the appearance.

Are 1.5-Inch Wheel Spacers Safe for Off-road 38.1mm Wheel Spacers Offset ET Spacers Big Wheels and Tires (3)

Are 1.5-Inch Wheel Spacers Safe for Off-road 38.1mm Wheel Spacers Offset ET Spacers Big Wheels and Tires (2)

Off-road wheel spacers are available in various sizes which allows you to control how far you push the wheels out. To create a more powerful exterior, people usually use thicker spacers like 1.5-inch wheel spacers. Since off-road with wheel spacers means more impacts and strong forces, it is important to get your vehicle quality spacers. As one of the most important indicators of wheel spacers quality, precision becomes the core part of verifying the performance.  The precision of BONOSS 1.5-inch wheel spacers has reached 0.02mm. High-precision 1.5-inch wheel spacers provide high surface integrity, effectively guarantee safety, stability, and reliability, and ensure a smooth installing experience.

Are 1.5-Inch Wheel Spacers Safe for Off-road 38.1mm Wheel Spacers Offset ET Spacers Big Wheels and Tires (1)

Can Forged Aluminum 1.5-inch Wheel Spacers Be Safe?

As much as the wheels, forged aluminum 1.5-inch wheel spacers are better and safer than the cast ones. Forged aluminum wheel spacers are manufactured from a solid piece of billets. They have undergone continuous intense pressure to be formed. Due to the continuous stress cycle and process of deformation, the forged 1.5-inch wheel spacers become hard and tough. The strength is greatly enhanced. Considering the strength requirement of off-roading events, this type of wheel spacer is much more reliable. There are some cheap casting wheel spacers. Because of the occurrence of porosity, cavities, and shrinkage, this kind of wheel spacer is unable to bear a high load, which results in vibration or even directly damages the wheel hub. Always stick with quality forged 1.5-inch wheel spacers and avoid using any casting wheel spacers.