Are you still confused about buying wheel spacers for your 2022 Range Rover? Before you choose to buy wheel spacers for your 2022 Range Rover, you need to know various information about wheel spacers to ensure that the wheel spacers you buy are suitable and safe. Once you know these data, you can choose the wheel spacers from each brand. In terms of product selection, BONOSS recommends the use of wheel spacers in the range of 10mm-30mm and that these wheel spacers have a hub centric design to ensure safe driving when fitted with wheel spacers.

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Why 10mm-30mm Wheel Spacers Are Recommended?

Firstly, the 2022 Range Rover is an off-road model, which is larger and heavier than a typical car and generates more centrifugal force when cornering, requiring a wider track to improve grip and stability when cornering. Why 10mm – 30mm wheel spacers? Why not wheel spacers below 10mm? Wheel spacers are usually fitted to small cars because they have been retrofitted with larger performance brake kits that require extra space to mount the wheels to avoid rubbing, or for aesthetic reasons, and most wheel spacers required are under 10mm thick. The Range Rover uses 10mm-30mm wheel spacers because the off-road model has a more robust chassis than the saloon and has additional space for underbody modifications. The wheel spacers below 10mm on the Range Rover do not offer a significant improvement in handling, and in appearance 10mm is not thick enough to allow the wheels to sit flush with the fender. (based on measurement).

In the case of the BONOSS 2022 Range Rover, 20mm wheel spacers have been fitted to the front and rear wheels respectively. The vehicle’s resistance to rollover and handling comfort is greatly improved with increased traction. The wider track helps the vehicle to negotiate rough terrain in complex off-road conditions, and the use of 10mm-30mm wheel spacers is an option for better offset. Find more about off-road wheel spacers here. 

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Why Use Hub centric Wheel Spacers?

Some lug centric wheel spacers only use lug bolts or lug nuts for fixing, which act as a fixing device for the wheel during long periods of driving, whereas often off-road vehicles have variable road characteristics which will result in the lug bolts or lug nuts carrying the full weight of the vehicle and the impact of the road, rather than the hub assembly, rims and other suspension components carrying the weight and impact from the road. Wheel spacers hub centric should use the same data as the hub centric on the inside of the wheel. The wheel spacers hub centric should be perfectly aligned with the rim hub centric to eliminate any possible vibration of the wheel spacers at high speeds and to ensure that the wheel spacers remain concentric during rotation.

The PCD and CB mentioned above are key data in the purchase of wheel spacers and the design of the hub centric is also related to this, BONOSS used hundreds of measurements and experimental data to verify the accuracy of the PCD and CB data in the design of the hub centric to ensure that the wheel spacers fit perfectly and the CNC production design has an accuracy of the precision of 0.02mm.

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