12mm wheel spacers have been existed and widely used for decades. And it has been proved that they are exactly safe on the 2022 BMW 3 Series. When the wheel bolts are properly tightened, a clamping force will keep the wheel and spacer secured to the corresponding hub assembly. This allows all forces to be transmitted through each vehicle’s wheel and its corresponding axle. Therefore, the weight of your car will not be placed on any 12mm wheel spacers that are installed. They simply serve as an extension of the original wheel hub surface. The hub-to-wheel connection doesn’t change.

Quality 12mm wheel spacers won’t be the weak part of the hub-to-wheel connection. In the automotive world, quality is equivalent to safety. If you’re going to make sure any part of your 2022 BMW 3 Series is safe, stick to quality 12mm wheel spacers. Always ensure you are investing in trusted brand spacers. Genuine spacers are under the manufacturer’s warranty. This makes it worth every penny you spend.

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Are 12mm Wheel Spacers the Best Option for My 2022 BMW 3 Series?

Although many 2022 BMW 3 Series drivers would like to add 10mm front and 12mm rear to get a flush stance, the perfect option depends on your actual design. If you have ever replaced the wheels or added a wide-body kit, things can be different. The best way to figure out what is the best thickness for your BMW 3 Series is to measure the wheel gap. For instance, if you get 4/5″ (20mm) wheel clearance, you can use 20mm wheel spacers to bring the wheels to flush with the fender flares.

When it comes to new wheels, offset is usually easier to measure and reference. The more the offset, the more the wheels will stick in the inner fender. If you intend to run larger and wider tires, you’ll typically need 2022 BMW 3 Series wheel spacers to reduce offset to move the tire outward. For example, 12mm wheel spacers will reduce about 12mm offset. If your wheels come with high offset, thicker wheel spacers like 15mm, 25mm maybe your best option.

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How to Choose Safe 12mm Wheel Spacers for 2022 BMW 3 Series?

Installing wheel spacers is an advanced do-it-yourself skill, but even those who prefer to leave the job to a professional mechanic can benefit from purchasing the safe 12mm wheel spacers online. Quality 12mm wheel spacers provide distinct performance advantages. Many spacers are made of aluminum alloy, but remember that forged ones are always better than casting ones. Compared to traditional steel spacers, forged aluminum wheel spacers are much lighter as well as provide a longer service life. Selecting the best wheel spacers ensures the safety and it almost always saves money in routine maintenance.

Note that 12mm wheel spacers are vehicle-specific, so remember to select your exact vehicle year, make and model when ordering. High-precision 12mm wheel spacers also look better. For instance, a wheel spacer with a high-quality surface is easier to sit flush up against the vehicle hub and wheel. So, there’s no obvious gap between them. This is helpful to avoid high-speed wheel vibration.

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