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Using wheel spacers is a cost-effective approach to increase the wheel-track width without breaking your budget to buy a new set of expensive rims. BONOSS Performance Parts, BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers, and the Lightweight Plus means that the hollow design is further optimized based on common wheel spacers. It can effectively reduce weight and improve handling performance under the substitution of ensuring safety and reliability. Compared with the previous generation product, the weight is reduced by 20%, and the weight is reduced, making the system works more efficiently. The overall comfort of the overall acceleration and handling performance is better, and the driving is safer.

When Do I Need Wheel Spacers?

  • Bigger Tires: when you need to install larger tires, in order to avoid friction between the tires and the suspension and liner, additional backspacing is required, you can choose to buy a set of negative offset rims or wheel spacers, but it is clear that wheel spacers look more straightforward and more economical;
  • Enhance Traction: the increase in track means an improved lateral grip, a more comfortable ride, and an extra track makes the car more stable at high speeds;
  • Bigger Caliper: High-performance brake kits often require more space for installation, and customers often do not consider the need to purchase another set of suitable aftermarket rims after modifying the high-performance brake kit, then the easiest way is to place wheel spacers between the wheel and hub assembly, providing additional space to allow the brake kit to run;

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  • Adjust Offset Value: wheel spacers can solve the problem of improper wheel offset. When the wheel offset is large, it may lead to scraping with the suspension, control arms, and inner lining when turning, wheel spacers help reduce the offset and put the wheel in the right position.
  • Cornering Stability: wheel spacers can help increase the traction of the vehicle when turning, especially on wet roads or other complex road conditions, where the increase in turning radius has advantages and disadvantages, but does help with stability.
  • Off-road Anti-roll: due to the increased value of backspacing, it actually increases the track, and with a reasonable thickness of wheel spacers installed, the added leverage makes it easier for the vehicle to pass higher obstacles in the field.

What Difference After 15mm Wheel Spacers on Mercedes-Benz E300?-xu (1)

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  • Substitute for Negative Offset Rim: if it is just to adjust the offset value, wheel spacers are obviously cheaper than a set of negative offset.
  • More Attractive Stance: many car tuners, keen to adjust their vehicles to the ideal stance, including lower ground clearance, Hellaflush stance, etc., often need the help of wheel spacers to make the car look more aggressive.

Are Wheel Spacers Heavy?

The weight of wheel spacers is based on the design and material choice of each manufacturing company. BONOSS insists on using superior aluminum alloy material and updates the first generation of products to design the lighter Lightweight Plus wheel spacers series and the more functional Active Cooling wheel spacers, of which the weight of the wheel spacers is reduced by an average of 20% compared to the previous generation, this change has helped BONOSS wheel spacers to gain more customers’ favor.

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After 15mm wheel spacers were installed on Mercedes-Benz E300, the wheel was flush with the fender, and the stance of the E300 become more aggressive and that’s what customer want.