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The thread of Nissan 370z lug nuts is M12x1.5. What kind of lug nuts match OEM Rays wheels? BONOSS will provide you with the most accurate 2009-2022 370z lug nut size for use with aftermarket wheels. Most of the modified wheels use conical seat wheels in order to unify the lug nut size, if you are looking for aftermarket 370z lug nuts, look for the conical element to get more options.

The 2009-2022 Nissan 370z uses the same chassis data, PCD 5×114.3, CB 66.1, and M12x1.5. Aftermarket wheels are common on the Nissan 370z, and the rise of JDM culture has infused every aspect of the 370z with aftermarket wheels, aftermarket lug nuts, tail, front lips, turbocharging, brake kits, and exhaust. Aftermarket manufacturers such as Rays, BBS, AP Racing, BONOSS, Brembo, HKS, etc. offer many high-performance kits for 370z customers.

The 370z lug nuts are also found by many people as a kit to fasten the wheels with great space for tuning. Aftermarket 370z lug nuts are mostly made of aluminum and steel alloys, but the performance of titanium will make you forget that they exist. Choosing more aggressive 370z lug nuts for your wheels is necessary, titanium 370z lug nuts will reduce your spring weight, provide more efficient turning efficiency and reduce power waste.

The Type of 370z Lug Nuts

When you compare wheel bolts and lug nuts, you will find that both can lock the wheels, 370z lug nuts are more commonly used in professional racing to minimize the time it takes to change wheels, I would explain that 370z lug nuts make your Nissan 370z more fun. When all 370z lug nuts can lock the wheel, the style and weight become the difference between brands, 370z lug nuts have exciting types such as Spline Drive Lug Nuts, Open-Ended Lug Nuts, and Close-Ended Lug Nuts.

Spline Drive 370z lug nuts are generally set up with anti-theft features. Aftermarket manufacturers set the head of the 370z lug nuts to a special shape and offer exclusive tooling to install them. Open-Ended 370z lug nuts allow the wheel stud to pass through the 370z lug nuts, featuring more contact with the wheel studs. The Close-Ended 370z lug nuts are more popular and most stock 370z lug nuts have a closed construction that protects wheel studs from contact with liquids and prevents rusting, and close-ended 370z lug nuts are available in more styles.

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Weight of 370z Lug Nuts

Weight, 370z lug nuts material is mainly determined by aluminum alloy, steel alloy, and titanium alloy. Among them, steel alloy 370z lug nuts are mostly found in stock lug nuts, the chrome-plated surface is not considered practical, and steel alloy is stronger, but the same brings the problem of greater weight, which is the reason why 370z customers choose aftermarket 370z lug nuts. Aluminum is lighter than steel alloy and second only to steel alloy in strength.

BONOSS’s aftermarket 370z lug nuts feature a hard-anodized rustproof coating, which allows for more color choices, with nine color options to better match wheel colors. Titanium is the lightest of the three in comparison, forged titanium Ti-6Al-4V with strength ≥ 1110 MPa, also with hard anodized anti-rust, capable of offering 370z lug nuts in three different colors. titanium 370z lug nuts are your best choice.

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