“Be seen. Ben heard. Be known. The sharp design and compelling power of the new BMW 4 Gran Coupe promises an unforgettable presence.” The 2022 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe is the second generation of the 4 series. And for better or worse, it wears the enormous new dual-opening grille, this shows that Bayerische Motoren Werke will design the large-size front grille as the new family-style and apply it to all BMW models. In some vehicle tests, we found that this new generation does not deliver the same satisfaction of steering and compliant ride as we got from the M340i Sedan. What’s more, many people and articles complaining about the suspension are too soft. If you want to solve these performance drawbacks, I think BONOSS 2022 BMW 4 Series wheel spacers will help you a lot.


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BMW 4 Series Overviews:


  1. Robust set of active safety features
  2. Powerful turbo engines
  3. Decently fuel-efficient
  4. Nicely outfitted interior
  5. Intuitive iDrive infotainment system

What’s new:

  1. Premium package gains a head-up display and other minor features
  2. Four-door Gran Coupe joins the lineup
  3. All trims come with ambient interior lighting as standard

2022 BMW 4 Series Price:

The most affordable 2022 4 Series is the 430i Gran Coupe, with an MSRP of $44,800, plus a destination charge. The 2-door 430i coupe is another $1,000. As a general rule, all-wheel drive is an extra $2,000 (although it’s about twice that much at the M4 level). And a convertible is $7,500 more than its metal-roof equivalent. The rear-drive M440i starts just under $57k. the M4 begins in the $72k region and finishes up at $86,300 for the Competition xDrive Convertible Options can add a further $16k to the final amount quite easily.

These numbers might seem daunting, but the 4 Series is among the ranks of luxury cars, so the expensive price is not difficult to foresee. If you want to know the detailed price of all trims, please see the table for detailed and complete prices.

TRIMS 430i Gran Coupe 430i Coupe 430i xDrive Coupe 430i Convertible 430i xDrive Convertible
STARTING PRICE (MSRP) $45,200 $45,800 $47,800 $53,300 $55,300
TRIMS M440i Coupe M440i xDrive Gran Coupe M440i xDrive Coupe M440i Convertible M440i xDrive Convertible
STARTING PRICE (MSRP) $56,700 $58,200 $58,700 $64,200 $66,200

Verdict: This new generation 4 series’ advantages are its powerful engines, premium passenger cabin, and outstanding exterior which is your best choice if you are an enthusiast of big grille face. However, this all-new BMW 4 Series still has many rough points that have not been done well, such as plain and noisy cabin and its numb steering and handling, the 4 Series doesn’t deliver the joyful driving experience people expected.

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Does Putting Wheel Spacers Affect BMW Performance?

I mentioned some handling performance problems above, so does putting wheel spacers affect your bimmer performance? My answer is definitely yes, of course, install wheel spacers on your car must affect, enhance your bimmer performance.

Improve handling performance

Wheel spacers can set the wheel track wider than the car originally would be, by widening the wheel offset and pushing the wheels further away. The tires are more evenly loaded and have better lateral grip, which makes your vehicle has better handling performance and faster acceleration of cornering ability. During passing a sharp corner, the outside wheels can provide better support when the vehicle tilting laterally. Moreover, all of these enhancements come without changing a set of expensive tires.

Solve space problem for wheel assembly components upgrade

Adding wheel spacers to the vehicle is necessary for upgrade wheels assembly components such as brakes calipers or suspension systems. Fitting different size brake calipers to your vehicle may cause some clearance issues with the stock wheels. This may be harmful to your new components and your car. Suspension system change may also cause the same type of issue. The wheel spacers allow the thicker brake calipers and suspension system, and even other assembly components to have enough space for installation and no friction, that by pushing wheels away from your upgraded components.

In addition to the above functions, the wheel spacers can provide a more aggressive and flush appearance to your car.

The most basic function of wheel spacers is that they can give your vehicle a unique, more aggressive appearance. Generally, the wheels look tucked in fenders from the front and back look. Installing wheel spacers of a suitable thickness will make your wheels flush to the finder and car body. It is rare that wheel spacers are equipped for the sole purpose of making a vehicle look different, but it is nevertheless a cost-friendly and simple modification that can give your vehicle an outstanding appearance without having to do much more than that.

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