Do You Need 2022 BMW i4 Wheel Bolts For New Wheels BMW Wheel Bolts

Aftermarket 2022 BMW i4 wheel bolts are designed to fit various wheels and improve the style at the same time. If you are in process of changing to performance aftermarket wheels, it is important to use correct wheel bolts. Besides, if you would like to improve the performance by reducing weight, you can replace the originally equipped wheel bolts with ones made of more lightweight materials, such as Titanium 2022 BMW i4 wheel bolts.

Since the 2022 BMW i4 wheel bolts are hardware used to lock and center your wheels to your vehicle, getting the correct wheel bolts installed ensures that your wheel is safely and securely fastened. They vary in styles, seat types, and thread pitches. Only by choosing the proper set of 2022 BMW i4 wheel bolts can you get all the advantages that they can offer.

Seat Types of 2022 BMW i4 Wheel Bolts

The seat type of 2022 BMW i4 wheel bolts refers to the area where the bolt actually makes contact with the wheel lug hole surface. To properly install the wheels, it’s essential to ensure the seat type matches your wheel requirements. If the seat type doesn’t match, you can still thread the bolts in and they will secure the wheels as well. However, lacking full contact, you may experience vibration during high-speed driving. Even worse, they may damage the wheels. So, don’t overlook this, let’s go through the basics of the seat type.

There are three common-used types of 2022 BMW i4 wheel bolts: conical wheel bolts, ball wheel bolts, and flat wheel bolts. Most BMW cars are originally equipped with conical wheel bolts. If you would like to enhance the appearance and safety with stock wheels, there is a high chance you need conical BMW wheel bolts. The ball seat wheel bolts are usually found on Mercedes-Benz cars, Porches cars, or Audi cars. If you get a set of second-hand wheels from these cars, you would need ball seat wheel bolts. By asking the wheel dealers or searching the official website, you can easily figure out what seat type do your wheels require. You can also take a look at the wheel lug holes. The conical seat set has a beveled 60 degree angled tapered head, ball seat ones have a rounded or spherical head, while flat seats are is completely flat.

BONOSS Forged Shell Type 2022 BMW i4 Wheel Bolts Locking Wheel Bolts

Head Shapes of 2022 BMW i4 Wheel Bolts

As much as the seat types, there are three common head shapes of the 2022 BMW i4 wheel bolts. They are hex wheel bolts, spline drive wheel bolts, and heptagon wheel bolts. Hex wheel bolt features a hex-shaped head, which is designed for fitting a range of regular sockets. As long as you have the right size socket, you can remove them easily. On the other hand, spline drive wheel bolts come with random spline grooves on the head and are matched with a special key. When the key with hex socket is set inside, the spline drive key fits around the outside grooves of the bolt. Then you can remove this kind of 2022 BMW i4 wheel bolts. The requirement of a unique tool reduces the risk of stripping the lug nut and preventing the wheel from theft. That is why they are also called wheel locks or locking wheel bolts. Another type of locking wheel bolt comes with a heptagon shape. This kind of bolt needs a special heptagon socket for installation and removal. Even if the thieves have a full set of socket wrenches, they won’t have the unique seven-sided socket to fit. These two-wheel locks keep your finest wheels safe and secure.