What does a BMW iX wheel spacer do? What kind of wheel spacers fit my BMW iX? Who sells BMW iX wheel spacers near me? With the increasing popularity of the BMW iX, these topics have become very popular. As a kind of aftermarket wheel component, the wheel spacer is a simple and inexpensive upgrade that provides many advantages to your BMW iX. Installing BMW iX wheel spacers can create extra clearance by pushing the wheels outward to correct positive offset as well as clear larger brake calipers rubbing issues for wheel fitment. They are also commonly used for handling improvement and visual enhancement. By spacing the wheels out, it will provide more stability and better corner control to your BMW iX. The resistance to rollover also enhances when the wheels of the vehicle are moved outwards from the wheel assembly. This is effective when the vehicle is driven in bad weather.

How to Choose BMW iX Wheel Spacers?

Installing BMW iX wheel spacers offers many benefits to your vehicle. The most popular benefits include: enhanced handling, a better stance, a more aggressive look, increased wheel track, cleared the clearance issues of bigger brake calipers and inner fender, and suspension clearance issues after mounting bigger wheels and tires. There are usually two types of wheel spacers: One type simply slides into the hub and come with their own lug studs and nuts, they are named “bolt-on wheel spacers”, while the other type bolts to the vehicle hub with another set of extended wheel bolts, they are called “slip-on wheel spacers”.How to Choose Safe Wheel Spacers for Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300 W206-(2)

European cars usually use wheel lug bolts to secure the wheels to the hubs. In this case, slip-on style BMW iX wheel spacers will be your most suitable choice. To ensure a proper installation, you will also need to use new extended wheel bolts which are longer than the stock ones by the thickness of the wheel spacers. All BONOSS slip-on style BMW iX wheel spacers are matching with extended lug bolts with appropriate length, seat type, and thread to suit your BMW iX.

How Many BMW iX Wheel Spacers Do I Need?

The thickness of the BMW iX spacers you need will vary depending on the model you’ve performed, determining that correct thickness is extremely important. How thick BMW iX wheel spacers do I need? Measuring the wheel gap is the most basic beginning. The wheel gap is the amount of space between the inner fender lip and the outside edge of your wheel tires or rims. It will help you find the proper thickness. Here is a simple way: use a straight edge such as a metal ruler, place the straight edge on the outermost part of the rims where the wheel comes closest to the fender (preferably the top), then, measure from the outside wheel to the straight edge. This distance is the size BMW iX spacer you will need to achieve the look that flushes or nearly flushes with the fender. Every car’s wheel gap is various, even if they the same exact cars, the wheel gap of the front wheel and the rear wheel is different. Always measure first before buying your BMW iX wheel spacers.

What Kind of Material is Better for BMW iX Wheel Spacers?

It is easy to notice that there are BMW iX wheel spacers of different materials that exist on the market. When choosing safe BMW iX wheel spacers, material selection can be very important. Since quality is a crucial part of wheel spacer safety, BONOSS only uses high-grade forged 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 billet aluminum alloy material for higher performance and safety. Both 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 are high-performance Aluminum Alloys. They feature good corrosion resistance, weldability, workability, and machinability. After the forged process, the structural strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance are improved greatly. In addition, the tensile strength of 7075-T6 is nearly double that of 6061-T6. The hardness of 7075-T6 is about 1.5 times that of 6061-T6. Both forged 6061-T6 and forged 7075-T6 BMW iX wheel spacers are available in BONOSS Stock.

Model Tensile Strength Yield Strength Failure Elongation
6061 18,000 psi (125 Mpa) 8,000 psi (55 Mpa) 25-30%
6061-T6 42,000-45,000 psi (300-310 Mpa) 35,000-40,000 psi (241-275 Mpa) 8-10%
6082 19,000 psi (130 Mpa) 12,000 psi (85 Mpa) 27%
6082-T6 49,000 psi (340 Mpa) 30,000-42,000 psi (210-290 Mpa) 6-11%
7075 40,000 psi (276 Mpa) 21,000 psi (145 Mpa) 9-11%
7075-T6 74,000-78,000 psi (510-572 Mpa) 63,000-69000 psi (434-503 Mpa) 5-11%

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Who Sells BMW iX Wheel Spacers Near Me?

For all of your 2022 BMW iX high-performance upgrade needs, look no further than BONOSS BMW iX wheel spacers. BONOSS offers a huge range of BMW iX wheel spacers and adapters to fit a massive variety of aftermarket wheels, brake kits, wide-body kits… Wheel upgrades from manufacturers such as BBS, HRE, RAYS, WORK, OZ, and other; Brake upgrades from manufacturers such as Brembo, EBC, Wildwood, AP Racing, Endless, Baer, Power Stop, and others are able to be easily fitted with BONOSS BMW iX wheel spacers. These BMW iX wheel spacers are machining to the highest possible quality and are fully over 66 SGS, TUV ISO standard test reports certificated. BONOSS also offers non-normal thickness’s customized service, completed only in 1-3 days, 3mm-160mm thick, 130mm-350mm dimension is available, OEM/ODM is available. And, if you meet any problem with the selection, we have a support team that consists of professionals ready to help.

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