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What are the pros and cons of the 2022 BMW M4 wheel spacers? Why do I install 2022 BMW M4 wheel spacers on my bimmer? Are 2022 BMW M4 wheel spacers affect the handling? “Legendary Performance!” The outstanding performance of BMW on the track in the last century has been accompanied by the emergence of high-performance vehicles that many people are desperately pursuing. From the original M1 to the iconic M3, and to today’s M4 G82/G83. Among the many performance upgrades available in the aftermarket, what do 2022 BMW M4 wheel spacers do? Let’s get started!

What Are The Pros Of the 2022 BMW M4 Wheel Spacers?

1. To upgrade components installation

Replacing larger-sized tires and thicker brake calipers are generally considered plans for vehicle upgrades. However, large-sized upgrade parts often lead to insufficient installation space. At this time, it is necessary to install spacers of suitable thickness to adjust the offset and backspacing of the wheel. Spacers can increase the distance between the wheel hub and the axle hub, pushing the whole tire away from the mounting pad. Backspacing can be added to allow larger sized components to be installed in the wheel assembly. This modification method allows you to omit the repeated order of wheels with negative ET value to adjust the space, which can effectively solve the problem of mutual friction between components.

2. To M4 running stance

Installing 2022 BMW M4 wheel spacers can change the conservative styling of wheel tucked in fenders. Using 12-25mm spacers makes it easy to get the wheels flush with the fender. There are also wheel spacers above 30+mm that can meet your aggressive styling requirements, and many wide-body vehicles are installed with wheel spacers to achieve the wanted stance. However, if you want to install M4 spacers larger than 25mm, you need to raise the suspension height, otherwise, your tires will destroy your fender when passing the speed bump.

3. To vehicle handling performance

The 2022 BMW M4 wheel spacers also have the effect of improving the vehicle’s handling. As spacers widen the wheel track width, your M4 will run on the road with a wider stance. This also means that the roll center of the vehicle is lowered, allowing your M4 to be closer to the ground and more stable. Better acceleration out of corners when going through corners.

What Are The Cons Of The 2022 BMW M4 Wheel spacers?

What I want to say in this section is that if you buy some cheap wheel spacers on the shopping platform, then maybe the following bad situation you need to face. First of all, inferior wheel spacers are cast from ordinary bad quality alloys or even steel. They are not very strong, and their own are more weigh. When you install them, you feel the stiffness of the chassis due to the noticeable increase in unsprung mass. And their risk of breaking is very high, and you could face a dangerous situation caused by a tire falling off.

Second, inferior wheel spacers are very poor for vehicle matching. When you install them on your M4, they will hang from the axle hub and wobble. Just imagine such a precision match, how much damage it can do to the wheel hub, brake, and mounting pad when the tire is spinning at high speed.

Poor quality wheel spacers are also not mainstream designs, and they may recommend you lug-centric spacers with dangerous structures just because of their low production cost and inventory risk. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use inferior wheel spacers that have no trademark, no warranty, and no official website. Otherwise, if there is a real danger, you will not be able to find the manufacturer to claim compensation.