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Are 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers safe on the SUV? What do you need to pay attention to when you use the 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers? When you decide to use wheel spacers on your X5, you’ll likely see a lot of discussion on the auto forums about the safety of spacers. Some of them argue that the use of spacers is very dangerous. So what is the truth? In this BONOSS blog, we will explain to you whether wheel spacers are safe to use on SUVs, and tell you what factors you need to pay attention to when using spacers to ensure your driving safety. Let’s get started!

Are 2022 BMW X5 Wheel Spacers Safe On The SUV?

Since the center of gravity of most SUVs is relatively high, using wheel spacers to appropriately widen the wheel track width and reduce the roll center will greatly improve the overall performance of the SUVs. But are 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers safe? I can answer that responsibly, Yes, they are actually safe. In our customers using experience and professional evaluation, even heavy trucks use wheel spacers whose strength can perfectly withstand.

Coupled with the precise matching of our products to the vehicle model data (minimum error to 0.02mm), it can ensure that your BMW X5 will not have any jitter and error caused by the wear of the vehicle bearings after the spacers are installed. Both BONOSS Active Cooling 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers and BONOSS Lightweight Plus 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers are equipped with a precise hub-centric design, which can ensure that the wheel loading structure of the original wheel assembly is not changed. All these design progress can ensure that your SUV uses wheel spacers without any safety problems.

2022 bmw x5 wheel spacers--bonoss

Some Factors Of Using 2022 BMW X5 Wheel Spacers You Should Know

First, is the type of X5 spacers you choose really right for you? Our BONOSS Active Cooling wheel spacers are bolt-on hub-centric designs, which is a very safe design. The bolt-on design allows you to no need to buy a new set of extended wheel bolts, hub-centric design can also be guaranteed the axle hub is the main load bearer. If you’re looking to install spacers over 20mm, your best bet is to buy bolt-on hub-centric X5 spacers so you don’t have to worry about safety.

If you want to use the Lightweight Plus X5 wheel spacers, they are all slip-on hub-centric designs. The lightweight spacers can bring you the ultimate performance experience. However, if you use them, the thickness should preferably be less than 20mm. The disadvantage of the slip-on design is that the use of too long extended wheel bolts requires a relatively high quality of the bolt itself.

2022 bmw x5 wheel spacers--bonoss

Second, did you install the 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers correctly? Does each one meet the torque requirement when you tighten the wheel bolts? This is the basic requirement, you’d better use the torque wrench to do these operations, to avoid using the impact gun to cause the bolts to be too tight or too loose. And did you clear all the dirt on the axle rotor when you installed the spacer? This is a very important step because some dirt will cause the contact surface of the spacer and the axle rotor to not be fully fitted, resulting in jitter and other problems.

Finally, although wheel spacers are theoretically permanent components, you also need to check them regularly. Checking them for rust and whether they have cracks or deformation every six months is the best guarantee for your driving safety. You can also check the tire condition during that. The whole process won’t be complicated, we recommend you do it. Anyway, safety is the most important thing.

2022 bmw x5 wheel spacers--bonoss

Just leave the complicated and professional things to us! BONOSS has already prepared for the 2022 BMW X5. If you want to know any details or professional knowledge of 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers, please continue to subscribe to our BONOSS blog, we will continue to publish high-quality articles on hot topics of car mods. If you have any questions you are interested, you can leave a message in the comment below. Have a browse at BONOSS 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers.

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