2022 chevy colorado wheel spacers--bonoss

What are the benefits of 2022 Chevy Colorado wheel spacers? What thickness of 2022 Chevy Colorado is suitable? “Step Up And Stand Out!” — The 2022 Chevy Colorado remains the versatility of a traditional pickup while giving you the full-size truck. While the Silverado 1500 in the Chevy family has better traction and more room in the third row, the Colorado benefits from its same good traction and better maneuverability. Really surprising. This new pickup for 2022 has a place on many mid-size truck ranks. So we BONOSS had designed its exclusive 2022 Chevy Colorado wheel spacers for it, so let’s get it!

What Are The Pros Of 2022 Chevy Colorado Wheel Spacers?

1. Improved Handling

One of the major functions of Colorado spacer is improved handling performance. By widening the width of the wheel

track, the pickup is more stable when encountering some bumpy roads or sharp corners. This improves overall handling, grip, and cornering by lowering the roll center.

2. Allows For Larger Wheel And Tires

Off-roaders often choose larger tires that are bigger than the factory ones. Without spacers, these tires might rub against the wheel wells or fender flares. There is often find that the larger tires rubbing the wheel wells or other components, which is the bothering issue. The 2022 Chevy Colorado wheel spacers can provide enough clearance by tuning the offset and backspacing of the wheel hub to solve rubbing problems.

3. Allows For Using Upgrade Brake Calipers

Performance and high-leveling brakes are often wider than the stock set. A wheel spacer provides room for a larger caliper that wouldn’t fit in the factory wheel hub space.

4. Gives Truck An Aggressive Stance

Whether you’re familiar with modifying off-roaders or not, you can’t deny that wheel spacers can easily change the style of a truck. Opting for thin (15-25mm) spacers can make your wheels and tires level with your body kits, changing the conservative tucked shape. Aggressive spacers (35+mm) can be more in line with the wider-body style, making your Colorado more aggressive and outstanding on the road.

5. Inexpensive And Cost-effective

Compared with a set of high-end negative ET wheels, a set of spacers can achieve the same effect for only 300+$. You won’t find any other auto parts where you get so much value for every penny.

2022 chevy colorado wheel spacers--bonoss

How To Choose The Best Wheel Spacers For The Chevy Colorado?

1/2-inch (12mm)—moving wheels 1/2-inch outwards eliminates rubbing and clearance issues when installing aftermarket wheels. Whether it’s an off-roader or a hatchback, if you upgrade to different sizes of brake kits or suspension kits, you may have issues with parts rubbing. This problem can be solved by measuring the size of the encounter part and choosing wheel spacers that are a little larger than it.

1-inch (25mm)—a super-effective accessory to increase stability and give a noticeably aggressive stance. Generally speaking, installing spacers above 25mm will have an impact on your driving feeling. You’ll find that your vehicle becomes smoother when passing speed bumps or cornering.

1.5-inch (40mm)—by pushing out the wheels further out from the hub with 1.5-inch wheel spacers you gain handling characteristics and get a catchy look. Basically, the wheels of all vehicles are kept in a conservative “tucked” state. If you like a more aggressive or outstanding body style, you will be pleasantly surprised by using spacers above 40mm.

2-inch (50mm)—allow for significantly wider tires to improve road grip and traction when off-roading. This thickness is generally only considered and selected by wide-body car enthusiasts. Because the width of the wheel track is more than 50mm increases, many related vehicle accessories need to be changed, such as suspension kits, multi-links, and fenders.

Just leave the complicated and professional things to BONOSS! If you are planning to make some modifications to your Colorado, no matter brake kit, suspension, wide-body kit, or wheels, you should prepare for the potential problems in advance. BONOSS is already prepared for the upcoming 2022 Chevy Colorado. Want more information about the product? Click the bottom below!

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