According to reliable sources, Ferrari’s first SUV-Ferrari Purosangue may hit the market in 2022. It will be a whole new model for the Ferrari family. We are not sure the details yet. Since BONOSS has been designed and manufactured Ferrari 458/F40/488/Portofino wheel spacers for a long time and has thousands of successful cases, we will follow the latest news, keeping up to offer Ferrari Purosangue wheel spacers within two weeks. Please subscribe to the latest announcement of BONOSS.

Everyone would like a good-looking car in society. Many Ferrari Purosangue owners like to make their metal babies more attractive by changing the size of the wheels, adding aero body kits, or giving them exquisite paint. If you intend to upgrade the appearance of your wheels, you may want to consider getting wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are designed to create more clearance and backspacing for wheels. They have been widely used as an effective upgrade among many sports car enthusiasts. Not only will they give your car a cool look, but they will also enhance the performance.

What Do Ferrari Purosangue Wheel Spacers Do?

For many Ferrari Purosangue owners, wheel spacers are the easiest way to get perfect fitment from their wheels and tires. The factory wheel setup tends to be pushed slightly inwards which makes your Purosangue look like a quite big space between the wheel and arch. This, actually, doesn’t create a sportier and more flush appearance. Besides, if you add bigger tires, you may meet rubbing issues. The purpose of Ferrari Purosangue wheel spacers is to create extra space between the wheel and the hub assembly. This increases the track width, which effectively reduces body roll. By pushing the wheels and tires slightly outward, they allow you to safely fit wider tires on your existing wheels or upgrade to bigger brake calipers without rubbing against the frame, axle, or other suspension components. This is highly beneficial for sports cars because larger racing wheels and performance brakes can be installed without problems. In other words, upgrading with Purosangue wheel spacers directly improves performance, traction, and racing capabilities.

When Do You Need Ferrari Purosangue Wheel Spacers

What Ferrari Purosangue Wheel Spacers Should I Use?

There are two main types of Ferrari Purosangue Wheel Spacers that exist on the market: slip-on wheel spacers and bolt-on wheel spacers:

  • Slip-on wheel spacers that slide over your existing wheel hub, they normally thin in size, e.g., 5mm spacer, 10mm spacers, 15mm spacers. If you using this kind of Purosangue spacers, it is critical to ensure your stock bolts are long enough for the proper thread engagement. At the minimum, thread engagement length must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the fastener. In other words, if the bolt is 14mm in diameter, the nut must engage onto the stud by at least 14mm. If not, you’ll either need to change to thinner car spacers or get longer and stronger wheel bolts installed.
  • Bolt-on wheel spacers (also called wheel adapters) are bolted to the hub assembly with the provided wheel bolts and then using the stock wheel bolts to secure the wheel on the lug nuts pressed into the spacer. This ensures you can fully engage the wheel bolts. You don’t have to change to longer wheel bolts. Like the slip-on spacers, these will move your wheels out, but they normally come in thicker sizes, e.g., 2-inch wheel spacers, 1-inch wheel spacers, 35mm spacers.

Drive with 10+ wheel spacers manufacturing experience, having witnessed countless successful cases on Ferrari cars, we have the confidence to say that as long as the spacers you buy are reputable and made of top quality material, wheel spacers will not cause any problems when installed correctly with care and patience. The vast majority of Ferrari Purosangue wheel spacers in the market are composed of steel or aluminum alloy. Specifically, the 6061-T6 aluminum weighs significantly less than steel and provides ample strength for its intended use. Its better performance variant 7075-T6 aluminum provides higher strength and lighter weight than the 6061-T6. This material is more suitable for supercars. The 7075-T6 aluminum wheel spacers feature good hardness, toughness, and wear resistance characteristics (tensile strength≥572Mpa, yield strength≥503Mpa). With higher performance, your Ferrari Purosangue wheel spacers can bear more force without breaking.

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